Saturday, November 7, 2009

You gotta jump, jive, and then you wail

I wish swing dancing was popular again. My friend and I had a conversation about this at the beginning of the school year. Although the current "bumpin and grinding" is a popular choice I still think swing dancing is waayyy cooler. When did the art of dance die?

Half way through taking pictures I accidentally deleted ALL my pictures. It was devastating, I tried everything I could, but unfortunately my camera doesn't have a 'cancel' button or an 'undo' button. Those would have been helpful. Instead, I watched my camera delete over 430 pictures, it was quite heartbreaking.
All of my pictures for this outfit had to be recreated.
I'm still crying on the inside.

I wore this to the mall. And I bought a new dress (one I'm pretty excited about) and it will be featured in tomorrow's post.
what i wore: modcloth dress, h&m top, ann taylor loft belt, hand-me-down shoes

P.S- I find weardrobe confusing, just thought I'd share.

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  1. I completely agree with your choice in dancing. I am not a fan of the bump and grind!

    Love the shoes.


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