Saturday, November 28, 2009

Seen a lot of things in this old world


Shirt: Old Navy; Vest: H&M; Jeans: Hand-me-downs; 
Sandals: Shoe Carnival; Necklace: gift.

Nikki came to visit me and I took her photo. It's ok to let other people take your photo, Nikki. I annoyed her by singing the "Sister, Sister" theme song but made up for it by taking her to the Salvation Army and Target.
- J

My sister is goofy and can't take pictures.
Also, I like to center things, even though Jo doesn't like it.
I love you sister, don't hate me.

Dress: from Secondhand Rose (now closed); Undershirt: LEI; 
Necklace: from Philippines, gift; Sweater, tights, boots: Target.
Listening to: Stevie Wonder, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered."

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  1. You girls look great! Love both these outfits very much!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (and rest of the weekend).



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