Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hey girl, you've got a smart way about you

Last night I spent the night at my sister's which is why she posted. Apparently she didn't know the password and thats why her post was already written out. We spent most of the night eating candy and watching dumb horror movies, all while reading our beloved fashion blogs.

That was last night. I got bored and played dress up with my sister's clothes, so I don't know the labels of what I'm wearing in the photos. I think the dress was thrifted and I know the necklace was a gift.

Like I said before, all last night we were glued to the computer screen looking at blogs, well at least I was. I became very inspired and of course when I returned home I hit the closet for the daily game of dress up.

what i wore: abercrombie tank, american eagle undershirt, target skirt, jessica mcclintock belt, sister's necklace, diba pilot boots

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