Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who's that coming down the track?

So Jeremiah and I decided to drive to Athens to tailgate for the Georgia/Auburn game (the deep South's oldest rivalry -- it's been played since 1892). It was great to catch up with some of our dearest friends in the world -- Susie, Amanda, Cleveland, Doily, Skelton and Dan! Good conversation, good food and good friends -- a perfect day.

Jeremiah, me, Susie (one of my bridesmaids!) and Cleveland -- three of my favorite people EVER.

Former roommate, bridesmaid and overall awesome lady Rachel.

My lovely former suitemates Amanda and Susie.

It's been hard to feel like a real UGA fan after becoming alumni -- autumn Saturdays aren't the same if you're not waking up down the street from the red and black cheering chaos.

So for Southeastern Conference schools, there's an unofficial sartorial rule that fans (especially the collegiate ones) should dress up to the games -- I guess it's partly based on the philosophy of a) the sorority and fraternity members do it and started a trend and b) some of the more hardcore fans believe Georgia football is a religion, and dressing up in your church best is like paying respect. On gamedays on campus, you're likely to see seersucker, suspenders, dress pants with a bulldog design, sundresses, heels, and fancy church-worthy hats -- all in red and black. It might seem impractical to toss a football or eat barbeque in these clothes but I like the tradition -- it certainly beats wearing an oversized jersey.

Daily style. I was a little more dressed down for this game than I usually am for gamedays -- it was going to be 76 degrees during the afternoon and I didn't feel like sweating through one of my nice-nice dresses or fear spilling barbeque on myself. Even though the stones in the shoes did not meet red and black requirements, I did wear them because these Aerosoles were comfy and I wanted to feel tall.

Dress: Merona, Target; Shoes: Aerosoles;
Red clutch: Target; Black bangle: vintage store.

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