Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's a sad sort of clanging by the clock in the hall.

[Listening to: So long, farewell - Sound of Music ]

Georgia’s under a flash flood watch … again. I hate driving 50 miles roundtrip daily for my job in the rain. The rainy weather + early nightfall (I am not used to it getting 10-pm-dark at 5pm) have made picture taking a little difficult lately. I’m going to have to find a way to take photos in the morning. Nikki’s been busy with band stuff, because she’s in high school and still has concerts. Haha. I do not really miss having to do those.

To get me through the rainy work days, here's some inspiration for updating my fall wardrobe:

[ Image via The Sartorialist]
Red notice me lips: I want to find the perfect red shade and be able to pull this off without looking clowny.

[Image via The Sartorialist]

Color matching: I love, love the green parka matching the tones in the tweed dress. I also love the mix of casual utilitarian and professional dress. And those grey shoes are gorgeous.

[Image: We heart it via Le Love]
Ok, this sounds crazy but I would love a dress that was made up of the colors in this photo. It’s also super-romantic and I hope one day my picture taking skills will be able to capture moments like this :)
Happy rainy Tuesday.

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