Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The way you move ain't fair, you know.

004 by you.

009 by you.

014 by you.

Dress: Some random store in Soho, NYC; Black cougar bracelet: vintage;
Silver poncho (worn as scarf): Burlington Coat factory, long time ago;
sweater, tights, boots : Target, remixed.

Listening to: Train, "Hey Soul Sister"

Today was a good day. My trivia group won second place tonight, so hooray for $20 in house cash. The last round bonus question: What capital city has the largest population (34 million) in the world? Answer: Tokyo.

I bought this dress in Soho (I don't remember the name of the store) and was a little iffy on the combination of purple and lace. But then a woman visiting the store fell in love with the dress too (it was the last one) and that was enough to convince me to buy it. This dress was much longer (about ankle-length) and more formal-looking but I got it hemmed last year. I tried to find a good before photo of it, but apparently I never wore it out enough to make it photo-worthy. But once it got altered, it became my summer staple. The silver poncho was actually my shawl for senior prom and it's too pretty to sit in my closet.

I'm really excited about Thanksgiving -- I'll be splitting time at the in-laws' and my family's dinners (luckily they live 30 minutes away). I am looking forward to relaxing, hanging out with the family, eating and doing regular outdoor style photos.
Nik is feeling pretty sick but she'll be getting back to posting pretty soon. Feel better, Nickers!
Have a great one, wherever you are.


  1. Love the look!

    Hope Nikki is feeling better.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. love it too. the color is really pretty :)

    and tell nikki she needs to get better! I miss my friend at lunch :(


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