Sunday, November 8, 2009

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd

I went running yesterday, and it was dreadful. I ran in the cold morning air and I felt like I was going to throw up a lung halfway through. I didn't even make half a mile. This morning's attempt was much better and I was only a little short of a mile. I'm pretty proud of that since I haven't gone running in 2 years. But now my legs are painfully sore, and on top of their soreness I wore heels. My legs hate me.

Yesterday I went to the mall and I got this dress. Its not usually the kind of dress I go for, and I hadn't even noticed it until my mom handed it to me and told me to try it on. I wasn't crazy about it and then decided to buy it because I thought I should try something new. Now I pretty much love it.

Reasons why I love this dress:
- It reminds me of Maria in the Sound of Music
- It has a camouflage feel too it
- The Clothes Horse has it
- Very few accessories are needed

what i wore: H&M dress (altered sleeves) , hand-me-down shoes & tights, secondhand belt

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