Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The sincerest form of flattery

 Tulle dress (as skirt): Gap; Blouse: Old Navy (gift from Marilou);
Shoes: Aersoles; Belt: from this vintage dress;
Bracelet: Kohls; Ring: from Medieval Times (read story here).

I was feeling pretty experimental this weekend, so for some downtown time, I wore a black-and-red combination inspired by two of my favorite blogs: Little Tin Soldier and Atlantic-Pacific. My obsession with this color scheme has been well-documented (especially here, here and here), so it was fun to try something different with my tulle feather-y skirt. I think I could have executed it a little bit differently because the stripes look a little wonky, but overall it was great to think I had another use for this skirt. I had some fun experimenting inside the parking lot this time, and this may be the closest I'll ever get to doing indoor outfit photography. 

Are you participating in Everybody, Everywear today? I'll be submitting yesterday's floral dress -- check out more inspiration here!

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