Friday, May 27, 2011

In the limelight

 Dress: Spenser Jeremy, thrifted; Sweater: Old Navy; 
Headband: from Marilou; Shoes: Zigi Soho; Bag: from India, gift. 

I'm really enjoying wearing citrus-inspired outfits now that all the parks are in bloom. Matching my surroundings is one of my favorite things. 

I love wearing this Spenser Jeremy vintage dress so much, that I've tried to find more items from this brand at the thrift store and Etsy. When I find a style I like, it's fun to repeat, and in this case, I love the draping on this dress. It hasn't been easy to find much of this brand, but I lucked out the other day when I found one dress in green at the thrift store and snapped it up, along with four other dresses and a sweater for $13. It was one of my more epic hauls to be sure. Because of some agreement that my thrift store seems to have with Target, there were a ton of new Merona dresses there, so much so that I feel like I have to make a public service announcement about it: Ladies of Athens, do not buy Target items full price. It's always at a thrift store somewhere in decent condition.

What are your plans this weekend? I'm going to watch my baby sister graduate from high school -- my goodness, I feel old!

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