Thursday, May 5, 2011

Less time lost in idle company

 Dress: Donna Ricco; Sweater: Old Navy, gift from ML;
Shoes: Zigi Soho; Bag: Fossil; Scarf: thrifted.

The last couple of weeks have thrown me into a tailspin. With so many graduation, bridal and wedding-related events coming up this summer, it's made for an exciting but stressful time. It's been basically laundry day at my apartment for two and a half weeks now, which means about 60% of my clothes need to be washed and I've been just wearing the more fanciful items in my closet now to avoid the chore. This combination was kind of thrown together at the last minute and it shows, but I think I like the mismatched nature of it.

In other news, the past week's world events have left me in kind of a reflective, existential mood. I'm hesitant to bring up polarizing topics into a site that is mainly sartorial, but I suppose the more interesting aspect to me is the sheer significance of these events, and media coverage of them. I studied and practiced journalism in college, and it's just monumental that these once-in-a-lifetime stories have come up within the same week, and on top of that, the technology we have at our disposal makes this a really unique time to communicate and document through blogs and Twitter. We're all like Samuel Pepys this week. Except instead of writing diary entries about the 1660s Great Plague in between the minutiae of everyday life, we're tweeting 140 characters about the Royal Wedding or bin Laden's death in between the minutiae of everyday life. That technology and need for communication, to borrow a phrase from "Casablanca," make us citizens of the world.

I wonder how Pepys would have handled living in the 21st century -- he'd probably have a couple of blogs, including one that focused just on his breakfast meals. But don't get me wrong -- there's nothing wrong with wanting to document the mundane and the minutiae. It shows us how we really live.

P.S. I have a photography tutorial coming up later this afternoon!

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