Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maiden voyages

 Dress: Suzy Chin; Sweater: Old Navy, currently on loan from sister;
Bag: Fossil, thrifted; Shoes: Zigi Soho.

I spent a significant portion of my weekend in this outfit as I juggled two bridal showers (at the same time) across town on Saturday. While I'm not usually one for having a full social calendar especially in one weekend, I did have a lot of fun at both, playing fun games and eating my fair share of petit fours. 

I really loved the combination of neon stripes and florals in this outfit -- it just felt festive for both bridal occasions. 

When I took these photos at the park, I saw a couple of girls clad in stilettos and short dresses taking jumping photos of themselves on the bridge (graduation photos, perhaps?). Though I stood in awe of their bravery for wearing tall footwear on such treacherous footing, I realize I found a couple of kindred spirits, because I've done the same

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