Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feelin' dotty

 Dress: Marvin Richards/Calvin Klein; Purse: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Bongo. 
Photos by Jeremiah.

The best-laid schemes oft go awry, and this case it was my outfit posts. I've been really sick from allergies the last week and have only seen a reprieve with the coming rains. I'm hoping this will all subside soon, but for the last couple days, I've been very sniffly and prone to wearing sweatpants (shhh).

I wore this outfit about a week ago. I had been stalking this Calvin Klein dress for awhile for a wedding I'll be in this summer, but wanted to find a cheaper alternative. I went into Stein Mart of all places and found it under a different label -- Marvin Richards -- at a 1/3rd of the retail price. Exact same dress (right down to the clear size label CK uses), but a different label. It turns out Calvin Klein allows Stein Mart to market some of their items under the other label name. But for now, I love my bridesmaid dress, and the fact that my friend let us pick our own bridesmaid dresses, because I will wear this for a long time to come.

What good deals have you found recently?

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