Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The month of February in outfits

This was a watershed month for me, to be sure. I think I'll look back on February and realize this was when things started to turn around for me creatively (trying new photo projects) and professionally (getting into school).

In February, I:

Pondered the thin line between public and private in blogging.

Turned to Andre 3000 as my sartorial muse. Wore a bowtie in his honor.

Dove  into the blue lagoon.

Found a twin in Sartoriography.

Carried your heart. (I carry it in my heart)

Played Pygmalion with my clothes.

Got caught in the narcissism of taking outfit photos in the woods.

Mulled altering vintage clothing.

Reexamined once-dismissed photography.

Talked about that one time I swam across a lake fully clothed in a Boy Scout uniform.

Hung out on a parking deck, channeling Batman.

Got into graduate school!

Found some similarities between film sartorial inspiration and my own style.

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