Monday, March 7, 2011

3 looks I'm ready to wear for spring

As the temperatures rise and Mr. Sun stays out longer than ever, I'm ready to pack away my boots and tights and get ready to wear these wardrobe essentials more often. Since I've decided to reuse what I already own, these looks come from past outfits; hopefully they'll conjure up some new ideas.


It's pretty much a given that I'll be inspired to wear a lot of bright, solid-colored dresses, but I'd love to wear a few more monochromatic looks with my separates, especially patterned pieces. A lot of the spring runways have featured a few neon looks -- I'm looking forward to putting together a few outfits together, especially in orange and red.


Nautical looks just seem to work best in warmer temperatures. I'm really ready to bust out the pleats, brass buttons and stripes. Hopefully this year I'll be able to spend some time near the ocean too.


I'm usually not drawn to pastels (they usually remind me of Easter eggs), but I'm feeling experimental this spring, especially with shades of pink, purple, and green.

What are you excited about wearing this spring? Got a favorite trend?

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