Monday, March 21, 2011

New camera species discovered after bear attack tragedy

SPECIAL REPORT - A new camera species, Sony Cybershotticus, a member of the digital photography family, has been discovered, just a few weeks after the bear attack that killed its camera predecessor.

Sony Cybershot, as it is more commonly known, with its good picture quality and silver packaging, is just one in a long line of cameras used in the Sidewalk Chic project. It was inducted into the prestigious Purse of Many and Unnecessary Objects this weekend and was taken on a field experiment to the farm park, a place of old and photo-worthy things.

"A new coworker so soon? Don't pull my leg," said Vista Explorer, a tripod and new colleague of the Cybershot. "I don't know if I can deal with this much change so quickly. It isn't stable."

The pivotal breakthrough came when a family member realized that Cybershot was in good working order and lying around a Kitchen Counter, a hangout for motley crews of appliances. Charger, a part-time nuclear power generator and colleague of the Cybershot, came in the mail for the induction.

"I am so fired up to be a part of this photo project," said the Charger, while gulping a Surge soda. "As long as we don't pull the plug too early in this work, we can make some magic."

"Did you know that 'ships in one to two days' really means a week?" said JoAnn, Sidewalk Chic blogger and new owner of the Cybershot. "That charger took forever to get here. Whatever, I'm just glad that I could take photos at the farm park to make up for my unexpected and mysterious absence."

The find comes just two weeks after the death of the Canon Powershot in a bear attack, a loss that left the Sidewalk Chic community reeling.

"It was a beautiful funeral for a stand-up guy," said Vista the tripod of the Powershot's memorial. "I made a few jokes in my eulogy, though I was upset so they probably were a little limp when I told them. A lot of people waved lighters and we sang 'Vogue' by Madonna. I mostly leaned on things for the rest of the week."

Cybershot performed well in the field and has already produced 56 photos.
As for Cybershot's longevity, that remains to be seen.

"I hope it lasts more than five months, " said JoAnn, the photographer and blogger. "I think things should get back to normal around here. I promise not to drop to my camera -- I mean, let bears get near it again."

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