Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't go chasing waterfalls

 Dress: Banana Republic; Jacket: Aeropostale; 
Scarf: from Italy, gift from Valerie; Shoes: Zigi Soho.

It was so windy when I took these photos, I had to sling my heavy bag atop of my tripod to keep it in place and prevent it (and my camera) from falling into the lake. I must have jinxed myself from talking about the nice weather last week, because it rained the last couple days. I should refrain from mentioning any weather updates on the blog, to let Mother Nature just do her job and for me to talk about more interesting things other than the weather ...

This weekend was really lovely, though, and I got some time to read a few photography books. I've been brainstorming for so many photoshoot projects lately and thinking of new locations nearby that would work. I tend to imagine really elaborate projects, and find myself constantly wishing I lived near mountains and deserts and waterfalls in order to make these ideas work. I suppose I'll have to make do with my forests and paths for right now until better travel plans can be made. Or as TLC would say, "Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to." What was my anthem in second grade is relevant to adult me today.  

Anyways, please note how I'm matching my surroundings (again). That was by happy accident.

How was your weekend?

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