Monday, November 1, 2010

The month of October in outfits

If you're new to Sidewalk Chalk, at the end of every month I spotlight my favorite looks. October has been my favorite month photographically because the moderate weather has made it easier to experiment:

In October, I:

- explored my usual photo location.

- hung out in downtown alleys.

- got a 90s song in my head.

- Contemplated new life decisions.

- Blogged a guest post for Just My Style.

- Dressed the collegiate part.

- Wrote some photography features on inspiration, posing and where to take your photos.

- Had my one-year blogiversary and celebrated with 10 balloons.

- Pondered over my closet MVPs and benchwarmers.

- Shared ways to wear hairbows (and not on your head).

- Played at the farm park. Twice.

- Danced around in my sweater vest.

- Wandered around campus.

- Took part in The Upside of Wonder's "Hello, Blogosphere" series.

- Almost got kicked out of a historic cemetery.

- Finished up my "Mad Men" series. (What a finale!)

- Shared my favorite outfit ever with Respect the Shoes.

- Showed you some past costumes.

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  1. The first pink dress is really cute!

  2. Beautifuly photography indeed! (doesn't hurt that you look super cute... pretty subject -> pretty photo)

    {I added you to my blogroll today... hope that's okay.}
    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  3. man i love that yellow vintage dress. Great pictures.

  4. I think my favorite October outfit goes to photo number 3! With the black & white printed dress & tan belt! So, so cute!

  5. You wore some lovely dresses and took some seriously fantastic photos in October, friend!

  6. i love the recap! great idea:) my fav outfit is the dress from the alley:)

  7. Love the first dress :) I love how all your posts are out in nature or just outside, I wish I had that option but now it's starting to pour every day!

  8. Beautiful outfits!! I can't decide which one is my favorite, you look great in all of them!

  9. you've got an amazing collection of dresses! :)

  10. So many great outfits!! And what a great way to look back on your month! Neat! :)


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