Monday, November 8, 2010

Almost famous: Items cut from the 30 for 30

Before i inundate you with too many 30 for 30 posts, I thought I'd show you which items were thisclose in making it into the challenge. Because I wanted to really utilize some of the lesser-known items in my closet, I tried not to include many duplicate items. Here are the almost-made-it items from my closet:

This vintage skirt: I really wanted to include this skirt for its blue pattern and length. However, when I tried it on with my other blouses and dresses, its thin fabric didn't layer very well with other items. So it was out.

Banana Republic top: Despite my efforts to include this benchwarmer in the challenge, its design was too similar to another top I chose, and I already had a lot of blue items.

Naturalizer heels: These heels go with so much, and I love the low style for work or for football events. However, with the cold weather coming in, I couldn't include another pair of open-toed black heels.

Do you have a lot of duplicate items in your closet? For those of you remixing, what items almost made it to your list?

For more information about the 30 for 30 Challenge, read here.


  1. Love that blue top! Such a pretty shade.

  2. I have a lot of duplicates in my closet. Every time I am about to purchase something I have to answer these questions: Is this black? Do I already have something like this in my closet already?

    I am banning myself from purchasing any more black coats (blazer does not count since I don't have one yet), but I have A LOT of black clothing, A LOT of black.

    Just Better Together

  3. Oh yes, I have many duplicates! When I find something I really really like, it's super hard to stop myself buying it in different colours or prints... oh dear!

  4. It was REALLY difficult to say, "later" to a few of my favorite pieces too. This whole project makes me so grateful for the closet I have instead of wanting, wanting, wanting more!

  5. I love that you did an 'almost' 30 for 30 post. Very unique. I don't have many duplicates in my 30 items but, then again, I planned it that way haha.

  6. You look so adorable!

    xx Marije

  7. Love that you're trying to use some more challenging pieces for the remix! I definitely have some duplicates in my closet, but black heels are probably my worst offender! :)


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