Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treasured: Aerosoles heels

These heels walked into my life at the right time. A couple years ago, I was on the cusp of moving to NYC for my summer internship, and needed some new clothes to help with the transition of college junior to budding professional journalist. They also came at a difficult time in my life too -- it had been roughly a year since my father passed away, and in that stressful time I had gained a substantial amount of weight. I didn't really recognize my body and dressing for it had become a challenge.

So when I saw these shoes, on clearance and tucked away in a corner of store, they seemed infused with magic. They were different from what I usually chose to wear -- they were gaudy, almost. Beautiful. And they screamed, Look at us. Pleasantly enough, they were comfortable too.

They followed me around those three months, from my John Street apartment to West Village wanderings, from museum mornings to concert nights. I felt indomitable in them, an Amazonian woman conquering and scraping through her own urban jungle.

That summer may be over, and things have changed, as they do. That little intern girl may be back on the farm for now, but hasn't forgotten the sights of the city. These shoes haven't lost their magic. I wear them when I want to feel indomitable with every step.


  1. I love when you wear those shoes...I have a similar pair....arent they they comfiest??

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  2. wow! the shoe details is really cute! :D gems! im nbot quite sure what gem it is! its cute!

    Taradiddles of a stylr on a budget

  3. such a nice and personal story! wear those shoes in good health:)

  4. Super cute shoes! And what an amazing story to go along with them! Thank you for sharing it! :)


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