Friday, November 5, 2010


Dress, sweater, belt: LOFT;
Coat: Club Monaco;
Tights: Hue;
Carpet saddle bag: thrifted;
Moccasins: Minnetonka, gift.

It's hard to believe that merely a week ago I was sporting short sleeves. I'm looking at JoAnn of last week and I'm totally jealous of her complete disregard (or need) of layering. Yesterday was a gross, wet day, the kind of day that needs maroon tights and comfort clothes to get through it. 

It's getting so cold, I'm hoping that I can keep up my momentum of taking my photos by myself. I started doing so since June (Jeremiah helps out occasionally, and I usually mark which sets he takes), but now that it's getting realllly cold in the mornings by the lake, I'll have to motivate myself to keep doing so.

What are your weekend plans? I'm looking forward to hot cocoa and Brunswick stew at our family tailgate tomorrow during tomorrow's football game!

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  1. Football game and hot cocoa,sounds fantastic. For me it's hot coffee and great books and magazines plus monopoly night with kids and hubby.

  2. It is FREEZING here! So I can only assume what it's like there. I love the color of your tights. I'm on the fence about colored tights this season, but I do love the red and mustard yellow tights maybe I'm not as much on the fence as I thought.

  3. Aren't you in GA? Is it really super cold? I'm in NC and it's not that super cold. I wish it was, though. I LOVE super, DUPER cold. I know. I'm weird.

    We're tailgating tomorrow, too. Shrimp broil (gross) and wings (gross)... and beer (yay!). Sunday, I might get some Christmas crafting started... my ornaments take FOREVER.

    I keep telling myself I really need colorful tights. These look incredible on you!

  4. great color scheme! your layering is fabulous:)

  5. Teeheehee we have the same titles on our most recent posts! Love the return of the colored tights.

  6. Oh I love those tights!! Such a nice colour during these gloomy Fall days.

  7. These photos are gorgeous, Joann, as your photos usually are, but there's a soft quality to them that's just perfect for the mood.

    And I love the red tights with this dress and sweater - it's the perfect dose of brilliant color. You look lovely.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. J, did I tell you that it's been snowing in Canada since last week? Yup, before Halloween even!

    I can't believe it and its exactly what I feared it would be - I'd rely too much on my UGGS, its not blog-worthy!


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  9. Brrr... looks cold! At least you have colorful tights to keep your spirits up!

    Sounds like a nice and cozy weekend :)

    My co-op house is having its annual special dinner on Saturday, and Sunday I'll be heading up to SF to go to SFMoMA and visit my friend Jasiel. Oh, and homework... always homework!


  10. colored tights! i am definitely seeing myself in a lot of these this winter. what else is a prego to do?

    love your layeredness!

  11. I love that your brave enough to wear bright tights! I think they're so cute, but have yet to venture into them. I live in Athens too and feel like not enough people here dress fun.

  12. It feels like someone flipped the weather switch by me! It's very much fall now and, I feel winter creeping in... eek

  13. I love this outfit! The scenery is beautiful too. (:

  14. I love those tights!! Fantastic outfit! And definitely a cute coat too! Great pictures as always!! :)


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