Monday, November 22, 2010

Things I am learning in this Remix Challenge

- Maybe less is more. I don't have to rely on so many items to "complete" me. And from what I've realized, I may need even less than 30 items.

- It's taking me less time to get ready when I don't have to stare down an entire closet of things.

- I'm getting more creative with less. Being more creative allows me to finally wear items I was too shy/embarrassed to wear, and in turn helps me figure out what my style really is. A more expressive me = better me.

- Part of the reason why I thrift and vintage shop so much is that I like the idea of owning items that had past lives, past owners before me. Being able to wear them in this challenge allows me to create a fuller story of my own with them.

What are you learning in this Remix Challenge?


  1. I think everyone should do the remix. Seriously.

    I agree on all your points, Joann. I think with less option, our creativity are maximized! There are a million ways to wear one piece of clothing item. Sometimes there is a notion that if you have a lot of clothes, you shouldn't do repeats. I am actually salvaging myself from that concept :/

    Having to wake up in the morning and stare at a closet FULL of clothes is
    a) time inefficient
    b) stressful

    What I am doing now is re-organizing my closet and selling clothes which I think I wouldn't ever use again. :)

    Thanks for the post, Joann! You are so encouraging me to do the remix challenge! :)

  2. I totally agree. I think you have done a great job remixing your outfits! Keep up the good work :)

  3. I'm really intrigued by this challenge, though I have to say, having a blog in general has really encouraged me to do more with what I already have in my wardrobe.

  4. Great lessons learned so far! I myself have been learning how to craft my own "style" versus having to buy items. I actually just wrote about this on Friday :). Love it!

    Small Time Style

  5. I've learned how much more I appreciate the other items in my closet. This challenge has also brought me to a better focus on accessories to remix or dress up a look.

  6. Great words Joann...Im not doing the challenge...but I agree...less is more with less choices:)

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  7. I may regret saying this, as I'm only about 17 outfits into the challenge, but it doesn't really feel that different from what I normally do. I tend to rewear and remix all of my clothing on a regular basis. The hardest part for me is finding time to and remembering to take outfit photos every day.

    My closet is organized by item and within items by style. I decided to do it that way when we moved in here, and it has done wonders for saving me time looking for items and wondering what to wear in the morning.

  8. One of the (very many) things I admire about your style is that you appreciate and treasure so many of the items you wear. When this is the case, it becomes much easier to keep remixing the same pieces, whether in an outfit that is an old standby, or a new experiment.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the 30x30 thus far. I've never joined in the fun, but I am being inspired to participate when Kendi hosts it again.

  9. I have much of the same thoughts... it's nice to have have to stand in front of a really full closet trying to figure out what to wear next!

    It is also reminding me that it's not necessary to have a million cardigans to look cute all the time.

  10. If I send you something that I wore before, say once or twice, would you consider it thrifted?




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