Monday, November 22, 2010

Cozy, casual cool (or #12)

Shirt: Leslie Fay, thrifted, vintage;
Vest: Brittany, thrifted, vintage;
Jeans: LOFT;
Moccasins: Minnetonka, gift;
Belt: BR, from Marilou.

Wanted to go with something pretty comfortable on Saturday morning, so I styled up this outfit pretty quickly to run some errands. I might do a similar repeat of this for Thanksgiving because I think it was pulled together, yet cozy and approachable. I included this top for the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge as a way of  trying to get myself to style it. It's a tricky shirt reminiscent of the 1980s -- the only way I can describe it is that it wants to be ladylike with the florals, but then it wants to be a pirate on the high seas with its ruffly sleeves. I tempered its personality confusion by wearing a vest over it.

I'm still taking submissions for my Reader Showcase until 5:00pm est. So totally impressed with the submissions so far -- everyone's got a wonderful story to share about their favorite photo. If you're interested, holla at me!


  1. LOVE the sweater vest layering:)

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  2. oh, I really really like this one - the chunky vest layered over a sweet print. And it's people like you who gave me the inspiration to wear belts over :) - thanks!

  3. Ok this shirt looks amaaazing. want

  4. Wow, I've never seen anyone get so creative with layering and with that beautiful belt. I have the same one but don't nearly style it as much as you!


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  5. oooohh i love the vest my dear, lovely layering! xxx

  6. The shirt underneath is fabulous! I think this outfit, and it seems a little out of your normal style, which is fun to see.

  7. Oh man, teach me your ways. I would never have thought to put a vest with that shirt, but it looks great!

  8. Umm, BEST. TOP. EVER.

    And I LOVE it with the cozy vest!!

  9. JoAnn, I've missed you and your blog so much!!! I finally caught up on what's been going on in your part of the world.. I see that you're still looking fabulous and you've got a fabulous new name for your blog!! I love it. :) Chic indeed.

    Well, I hope your Monday is going great!!! I'm at work today and would rather be sleeping in, but oh well! :) Hugs!

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. Loving the chunky sweater! Can't wait to see all of the pictures. My internet was out all weekend or I would have submitted one! :)

  11. The chunky cableknit on your sweater contrasts so nicely with the flutter sleeves on your blouse. And I think your wider-leg jeans are a perfect fit with these outfit!

  12. i love this vest/blouse/belt combo! i may attempt to do something similar...i'll link to you when i use you for inspiration!!

  13. This outfit is super cute! And it seems different than your usual style! I love the layering and that sweater vest is fabulous! :)


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