Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Featured: It's All Happening

Earlier this year, I did a challenge called The Dress Project, in which I wore all of my dresses in a row and banned myself from shopping in an effort to celebrate what I already had. Melody of It's All Happening asked me to write a guest post about my experiences, and I was really excited to do so! Melody just recently wrapped up her own dress challenge too and even had readers vote on what stays and goes in her closet -- a brave woman, no doubt! Check out my thoughts on how my own project has impacted me, and stick around to see some of Melody's awesome combinations with her own dress challenge.

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  1. I love the idea of a Dress Project! Sadly, I think I'd have to go buy new dresses before I could actually do one, haha.

  2. Great post!! And I have been doing the same sort of thing due to lack of funds! XOXO, Natalya

  3. I love your dresses and I particularly love this one! I love the pop of colors!

    Also! I will do this Dress Project once I have dresses to wear! :D

  4. that's a really cute idea! glad you're having a good time doing it.

  5. Great idea! I didn't know this was a project. I thought you were just against wearing pants! I envy your dress collection! I'm going to read about your experience now!

    Just Better Together

  6. What an awesome project!! And cute dress too! I'm trying to do less shopping since I started my own blog! Its been hit and miss... ;) But I'm doing a little bit better, I think! I've been doing better about being really serious about making sure things fit, since that's been one of my problems too! Thanks for linking to your post about the experience! :)


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