Thursday, May 3, 2012

This place is the beat of my heart

I've said it all before and I'll say it once more: Athens, Georgia, you are a damn fine town. Here are some shots from the past couple weeks from my ongoing love affair with this city.

I happened to eat lunch at Weaver D's with Jeremiah on the restaurant's 26th anniversary! I always get the fried chicken plate, and eat it so fast I hold my breath through the whole meal. It's kind of embarrassing to admit to inhaling food, but their macaroni and buttered potatoes are so good ...

I just wrapped up a semester-long group advertising project for a local art studio. It involved original, local photography (from yours truly!) and converting all the photos into paintings for the art part of our ads. My blog experience actually helped out a lot in this aspect of the project -- years of becoming comfortable with taking hundreds of photos, editing them and consulting tutorials made this part easy to handle (and fun for me). Here are some of the unfinished pieces we created:

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