Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prints avenue

Whenever I get bored (as is often the case in a small college town), I visit the vintage flea market near my home to practice my photography. I like walking in and out of the booths, touching old fabrics, and musing on the stories behind each knickknack left behind from past lives. Sure, I feel a little silly, taking photos of every other thing, but photography allows me to be content with having simple memories that take up little space on my computer or online photo gallery (as opposed to owning the thing outright where it will take up space on a shelf). This was a philosophy that worked last year on my vacation abroad -- I was happy to not buy many souvenirs as long as I had thousands of photos to remember them anyways.

One of my goals for this summer is to redesign my blog, and I've really been fascinated with old fonts and prints. My last photo trip yielded a memory card full of old posters, books and album covers.

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