Friday, May 4, 2012


Dress: Spense; Shoes: Born Crown;
 Floral hair wreath: self-made (here's a tutorial); Bracelet: Kohls, gift. 

So I've always been interested in how Pantone chooses which colors are the 'it' color for the year or season. It turns out, it's a much more intricate process than I had originally imagined (paint chips on a dartboard?) that draws upon different themes that have cropped up across cultural, geographic and economic patterns. This story from Slate goes straight to the palette source and the reporter sits in on a color committee meeting. The back-and-forth debate sounds interesting ("Everybody’s into white flowers at the moment ... there are definitely movements, even in flowers"), but slightly mystical to outsiders and subjective to those involved. Either way, it's intriguing to see which colors will dominate in retail decisions.

Here I am in a dress I've had for years, but the color is a close rendition of the on-trend color of the year: 17-1463, or Tangerine Tango. Of course, I didn't buy it intuiting that the color would be popular years later, but it remains interesting how colors and trends ebb and flow. 

I took these photos at the park, knowing full well that the green foliage would make the dress's hue pop even more -- but didn't anticipate how naturally saturated it would all look. Hooray for playing with the color wheel ...

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