Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To live that old life no more

Dress: Body Central; 
Shoes: Born Crown; Bow tie: Vintage, from Minx.

Over the weekend, Jeremiah was out of town and I had a rare chance to visit one of my old photo locations: McDaniel Farm Park. I used to take all my outfit photos there before we moved from Gwinnett, and I relished the hour or so I had there this weekend to reminisce and to see how the park has changed. There were some differences -- new wood planks for fences, different crops planted in the fields -- but for the most part, I was grateful to see that this place that I had kept sacred in my heart was still recognizable to me. 

Since it's gotten hotter, I haven't been doing much experimentation lately with my clothes. The most I've been mustering is wearing my bowties in ways they weren't initially intended, like as brooches. 

To see my previous adventures at the farm park, click here. Stay tuned for a giveaway later today!

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