Thursday, May 24, 2012

In the flickering light

Blouse: Banana Republic - gift from ML; Shorts: Walmart; 
Shoes: Born Crown; Bow tie: vintage, Agora.

Many summers ago, I worked as a Boy Scout camp counselor, teaching aspiring Eagle Scouts how to tie knots, pitch tents, build campfires and navigate with a compass in the woods. I spent the majority of the summer hiking around camp in a uniform of  khaki shirts, olive shorts, a broken-in baseball cap, and a Nalgene bottle full of water fastened around one of my belt loops. It was a very simple look, and one that was based on practicality and durability. My clothes had to be able to withstand tri-weekly campfires, singalongs and staff swims across the lake (in full uniform).

These days, my wardrobe no longer could fit inside a sleepaway trunk, and I spend more time in dresses and skirts. But on some summer days, when I'm missing the smells of campfire smoke and mountain pines, I reach for clothes that mimic my old uniform of khaki and green, and hum the old camp songs to myself.

You can read more about my camp adventures here.

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