Monday, May 21, 2012

How all the changes came about my ways

 Dress: Ariella; Shoes: Born Crown;
 Floral wreath: Self-made (tutorial here).
Listening to: Nico, "These Days."
These photos by Jeremiah.

These days I've been catching up on things I've neglected -- laundry, blogging, writing, crafting. There wasn't much of a reprieve between finals and starting my May research class, but I am enjoying more free time now that I don't have a full load of classes, work, research and freelance projects. Jeremiah and I are both taking classes and working on research projects for most of this summer. I'm looking forward to June when I won't have anything on my schedule to tie me down to staying anywhere near campus.

It's been really hot lately, so I've been favoring very simple dresses like this one from Ariella. Because of its short length, I had relegated it to being a beach cover-up. Now, I've been wearing it around town because it still smells of sunscreen and sand, and it reminds me that there are oceans and beaches calling my name (hopefully soon!). 

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