Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the courtyard

Dress; Ann Taylor Loft;
Coat: Club Monaco;
Sweater, tights, boots: Target;
Necklace: Lovely giveaway gift, hazel & harlow.

Sometimes an ordinary day just needs a pretty dress.  I was feeling adventurous with the pink tights, so I paired it with the matching blue dress that I love so much because of its ruffles. I added the heart necklace I won from hazel & harlow's Valentine's Day giveaway and felt romantic all day. Since the weather was nice, we decided to do the daily photos at the historic courtyard. It's a picturesque place and many homecoming, prom and engagement photos are taken here in the warmer seasons.
On another note, I've been obsessed with the Olympics pairs figure skating competition for the last couple of days -- I haven't gotten into it so much since the Kerrigan/Yamaguchi days. I wish I could gracefully move on ice. I've been doing little ballerina-esque moves around the house all day, pretending I'm wearing little skates. Hehe.
Have a great night -- Trivia Tuesday coming soon!

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  1. LOVED the Kerrigan/Yamaguchi days! This looks is so perfectly Valentines-y---the ruffles, the tights, the necklace! All lovely.

  2. I love the bold pairing of the tights with that delicate dress, it's awesome. And that pendant is just stunning, truly.

    I remember watching figure skating devotedly as a child during the Kerrigan/Yamaguchi era! I haven't tuned in this year yet and I am feeling bad now...maybe I'll catch up online!

  3. I can't believe I haven't been watching! Cute outfit. I was always a devoted Kwan fan :)

  4. So pretty! Love the ruffly dress with those pink tights!

    I'm so sad they are showing the figure skating in the middle of the day here so I can't watch it :(
    I guess New Zealand is not really into girly sports.

  5. I love your skirt! Cute outfit. It makes me want to dress for spring!

  6. 1st of all, i love the way u smile..
    then i love the floral dress, it's great..
    u have nice look here.. :)


  7. You look so beautiful! I can't wait for spring to wear gorgeous floral dreses like that.

    Can't wait for Trivia Tuesday..yay!



  8. You look gorgeous! You look so ready for spring and it makes me yearn for it more! The peekaboo pink tights are a great way to add a pop of color!


  9. pretty dresses always cheer up my day. i swear, you are the expert at wearing ruffle dresses under cardigans perfectly. :)

  10. I have been obsessed w/ the ice skating too!!!

    Love your ruffle dress.

  11. we are dress twins!!!! love it with the pink tights

  12. such a pretty dress, you have an envious collection of sweet dresses! :)


  13. Agreed that an ordinary day needs a pretty dress and I LOVE this one. The colors are fabulous and I love that you paired it with pink tights.

  14. such a pretty necklace!

  15. i love your tights girl. good photos :)

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    Here is the link to the contest:


  16. I love your pink tights. You really have a good eye for printed dresses. Cool! :)


  17. Those tights! I'm speechless.

    Would look so gorgeous with a little black dress too. Beautiful!


  18. That dress looks beautiful with pink tights!



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