Monday, February 22, 2010

Candy canes on a tree, or Dress #1

 Dress: Donna Ricco, 2007;
Sweater: Mossimo, Target, fall 2009;
Brown wedges: Zigi Soho, Off-Broadway, spring 2009;
Black bag: NYC street vendor, summer 2008;
Green bangle: vintage, Finder's Keepers, 2010.
How I've worn the sweater (how haven't I worn it?): here, here.
How I've worn the shoes: here.
So today's the first day of The Dress Project, and I ultimately reached for a dress that I haven't worn in almost a year. Admittedly, it's meant to be a spring/summer dress, but its print was so cheerful that I wanted to debut it on the blog. The weather outside is really weird today -- it's 55-ish degrees, but after last night's thunderstorm, it's been pretty dreary. I took the higher temperatures as a sign that my tights are seeing their last days soon. I've had the dress for a couple of years now and it's worked as a multipurpose dress. I wore it on my 21st birthday, to a spring wedding and once a week during my NYC internship (with a sweater and belt for the office).

I spent some time with Jeremiah at Barnes & Noble today and we ended up taking my outfit photos there because of the icky weather. I felt stealth taking the photos in the aisles -- we didn't want anyone to know we were taking photos, so whenever someone walked by, we pretended to be looking at a book or something. 
A funny thing happened near the magazine rack. I was putting away a magazine I perused when I walked by two men sitting on a bench. I could tell they were eying my outfit and I heard one of them mutter not-so-subtly, "Yeah, like candy canes on a tree over here!" very pointedly in my direction. I don't know if it was meant as a compliment or not, but I'll take it as so. 
I like peppermint anyways.

signature1 by you.

One down, 44 to go.


  1. I love this dress! The pattern is so fun and the fit is perfect. And what a fantastic project too! Can't wait to see the next 44!

  2. It better had been a compliment! It is so cute :)

  3. They must have the best intention in saying that. You look so sweet Joann. You have a really gorgeous dress collection.


  4. I think the Dress Project is off to a great start! But I would not put away my tights right away if I were you because I think that the temperatures will be falling again this week.

    I laughed at your comment about the stealth photos. I feel the same way when we are shooting in a public place. I get all embarrassed and pretend that we were doing something else.

  5. I am CONSTANTLY taking stealth photos in my office on my lunch hour. Usually Scott isn't up yet in the mornings to take a picture for me, but luckily I had him available today and I even got him to take my shot with my SLR! :)

    I love this look.... I especially love your shoes! I got a pair of adorable flats from Zigi in NY a few years ago. I wore those things out to where the soles came out!

    But that dress is too cute on you. :) Great fit. You should wear it more often!

    and I am totally digging your dress project!!! :)

  6. Wow, when I said I had a lot of dresses, I didn't know that you were up to 45! Although, now this is making me want to go count. The pattern looks like maple leaves, which is cool considering the Olympics... did you plan that?

  7. I love seeing spring prints in off's like the light at the end of the winter tunnel. :)

  8. @ Style Artisan: Good call on the weather -- not having to wear tights is just wishful thinking on my part. :)

    @ kjlangford: Actually, I'd never thought of the print as having maple leaves, but now that you've mentioned it, it totally does look like it with the red and white scheme! I've been watching the Olympics pretty regularly this week but haven't been obsessed enough to plan an ensemble around it.

  9. This outfit is very sweet. I love the red and white, and somehow even with the candy canes reference you don't look at all wintery.

  10. I think that dress is so pretty. I can't wait to see the other 44!

  11. people are so ignorant and stupid! i love that you took your pics in the barnes and noble...I so need to find someone to take my pics!! love the dress, so pretty!

  12. love the print of the dress. I love the stealth photos, lol, I almost got kicked out of Barnes and Nobel the other day for taking pictures in there!

    My Delusional Mind

  13. That dress deserves wearing beyond spring and summer - what a great print!

  14. I love cheerful prints in winter! I need color in my life right now! And fun pics at Barnes and Noble - it's nice to see where bloggers are wearing their outfits :-)

  15. That red dress is fabulous on you! It is totally your color!

  16. I love the idea of the Dress Project Joann! I was thinking of doing something similar with my DvFs but of course have been too lazy to enact it yet. Anyway, you look great today :)

  17. Oh Joann you are so sweet. Red is amazing on you.
    Stop by

  18. your outfit makes me so excited for warmer weather!!

  19. Glad I found your blog via The Thrifty Schoolmarm!
    What a great idea!!! can't wait to see your dresses!

  20. oh my gosh, I love the dress project! Very ambitious of you too!

  21. I love taking pictures in B&N, one of my favorite things to do, haha :]


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