Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All these poses

Listening to: "Poses," Rufus Wainwright.
Top, jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Sweater: Target;
Shoes: Payless;
Bag: Thrifted.
How I've worn the bag: here.

I almost didn't post these photos because I didn't really like how I felt in this outfit. I love the ruffly top, but I'm not sure how I feel about wearing it with jeans again. It was cold outside and I wanted to be casual, so I threw this on but I felt off all day about it. And then I thought I looked awkward in the photos. Seriously, I need to figure out what poses those models from Altamira use to look natural. Does anyone else feel silly posing sometimes?

On another note, I've decided I'm not really a jeans person anymore. I used to be a jeans-all-the-time person, back when I used to be self-conscious of the eczema on my arms and the mosquito bites and scars on my legs (I was outdoors throughout most of my childhood and it showed). I wanted to hide my skin all the time. And then in college, something clicked. I think it was a) discovering "What Not to Wear" and b) being surrounded by thousands of women on campus and having different interpretations of beauty and style to look to for inspiration. I definitely discovered what I really loved to wear, and that was anything romantic or girly. I definitely think I am going to wear all my dresses in sequence starting this month.

I owe you a Trivia Tuesday for yesterday, so here are three. As always, you can play along too by posting something random about yourself in the comments. I love finding out more about our readers!
1) I really enjoy taking photos of food. I love finding color and texture inspiration in nature. Here's a sampling of my farmer's market visit today:
Yum yum.
2) I'm left-handed. I always find it funny when someone is freaked out when they find this fact out. Seriously, something like 10 percent of the population is left-handed, so I'm not that uncommon.

3) Our wedding photographer loved this photo so much, he ended up using on his business card. 

 Hope you have a great night -- hopefully I'll feel model-y tomorrow.

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  1. so pretty!!! you guys are adorable.

  2. So cute!

    I love the shirt. I'm obsessed with ruffles right now.


    P.S. I'm Filipino too -- just saw your bio. My 6 year old daughter is half filipino, half irish/scottish/german too. You remind me of her (well, how I picture her grown up :-)

  3. I think jeans outfit looks great on you! :) Have to say I relate...I think What Not to Wear really did help me in some ways. I was full on OBSESSED senior year in high school (my boyfriend and I had just started dating, and he somehow sat through quite a few episodes...still don't think he quite gets my emotional attachment and proclamations at the end of episodes that LOOK HOW MUCH THIS CHANGED THEIR LIVES THEY'RE SO HAPPY AND CONFIDENT NOW!). My sister met Stacey and Clinton at her prom (randomly)...I am so jealous of that photo.

  4. (And I totally meant senior year in college...whoops)

  5. aw. love that last shot of you two!. and i am totally with you on awkward-photo-poses. someday i will figure out the secret to looking good. for now, i just try and pick the least offensive shots.

  6. What a cute blog! I love that wedding photo! I spent the last ten minutes browsing through everything =)

  7. You look like you're having fun in this outfit. I love the cut of the jeans and the shoes. Payless? Seriously? love them.

    And I feel awkward posing a lot too... which makes me pose a certain way that I do like, which I sometimes get self conscious about (doing the same poses over and over)

  8. I love the jeans! You should rock them more often, especially with those fierce shoes!

  9. i cant wait to see all of your dresses!!!!!

  10. Love love the wedding photo!

  11. I always feel awkward posing for my photos, especially because I take them all on my campus with tons of people walking around who just stare. My boyfriend tries to tell me what poses to do but I just feel lame doing them!

  12. This outfit is adorable and looks great with jeans. Sometimes I wonder who all of us smaller time "real girl" bloggers are blogging for. If we're blogging to show how stylish you can be in the suburban middle of nowheres going to work and school and Target this is perfect. I encourage you to keep it real as much as possible. If that means that you're feeling jeans, wear jeans!

    I always feel like a huge dork posing for my pictures. I never know what to do with my hands and my smile always goes all crooked and forced. Then I start thinking about it and get more and more awkward.

  13. I love this look, casual yet very put together and ladylike! :)

  14. That blouse is gorgeous! I'm definitely not as into jeans as I used to be. I still wear them a few times a week, but I greatly prefer dresses now.

  15. I think this looks wondeful! I love the top and great shoes with the jeans. I do feel a little silly posing sometimes but I alw1ays think it looks good when other do it. I love your first one.

    Oh, and I gave u a blog award a while back and forgot to mention that! Sorry!

  16. Cute wedding photo!

    I, too, stopped liking jeans recently. Last year, they were my go-to item for winter. Now i feel like i look weird in them! Why wear jeans when there are so many cute dresses and tights?

  17. The top is fab, and such a great print. I'm a no-jeans gal myself, and feel far comfier in skirts!

  18. Your wedding photo is adorable!

    Couldn't agree more.. I own so many pairs of jeanas, but I don't feel the same in them anymore as I do skirts and dresses. I always feel sluggish in them, but you look fantastic in this outfit. That top is great!


  19. I love those shoes and the wedding photo!

  20. I LOVE the second photo of you - you are so incredibly cute! And your wedding picture is adorable - how fun that it's being used on the photographer's business card! You're a superstar!

    By the way, you have the cutest blog name ever!! :)

  21. What a cute post. First, I totally feel you on being drawn to dresses and throwing jeans to the curb. I truly think it has something to do with all the blogs and fashion inspiration. I freeze almost every day wearing tights in 30 degree weather, but I feel cute, and don't look back on jeans. I can't believe I'm saying this but I find it harder to style jeans than dresses/skirts!!
    Love that pic of you and hubs, adorable. And of the fruits at the market!

  22. i completely agree with you about no longer being a jeans person. they're just so uncomfortable now.

    thats so cute that your photographer uses that photo! i really your shoes too :]

  23. love the last pic so cute!


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