Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funfetti is more fun when you wear it

Dress: Arpeja, thrifted;
Sweater, boots, tights: Target.

Some happy thoughts:
1) Some things are just meant to be -- like this dress. I found it at the Salvation Army and just went for it, even though I'm pretty sure I owned a version of it when I was six. Of course, now you probably are going to start calling me "Floral Ruffle Girl" because I've worn variations of the same theme for the past couple weeks. I can't help it -- when it's cold outside, I turn to my happy clothes. The bright colors in my dress remind me of funfetti cake.
2) Speaking of which, I made funfetti cake today, aka my favorite kind of cake. Yum yum.

3) I'm getting more accomplished everyday, including grad school stuff. Yay.
4) I'd really like an English bulldog puppy when we get a bigger place.
5) Sometimes I daydream about booking it to Morocco.

 What's keeping you happy these days?
About to head out to trivia...I hope you have a wonderful night!

signature1 by you.

P.S. Thanks to Amy from The Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire for the Best Blog Award! If you haven't read her blog yet, check her out. She has a fun, chic style and she's a sweetheart.


  1. Such a vibrant and fun dress!

  2. Ooh are applying to grad school next year? Good luck if so! It's a pain, but once you power through it I think you realize you didn't need to worry so much (in my experience).

    Love the outfit---and funfetti!!

  3. What's keeping me happy? not gonna lie. Sangria. Boone's Farm, because I'm classy.

    Bravo and J are also keeping me super happy. And the unknown is starting to, who knows what's next???

  4. your dress is so cute! what an awesome find!

    what keeps me happy these days? chocolate's one of those little things :)


  5. lovely dress, cute blog!!

  6. Yey, grad school applications, what fun(enter sarcasm here)!!! Seriously though, best of luck, it's nerve-wrecking but keep your head up and know that you'll really enjoy it once you get there.
    Love your dress, so what it reminds you of your 6-year old self, I love that part!!

  7. I'm loving the bright colors on the dress!
    & going to the gym and sugary food (funfetti cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, cheesecake, brownkies and german chocolate cake most recently) keeps me happy. Two opposite things, unfortunately.


  8. Comfy cozy sweaters are keeping my happy right now. That and food. DARK CHOCOLATE! (70-80%) Last night Paul and I went to Olive Garden and I pretty much gorged myself on greasy pseudo Italian cuisine. But OMG so worth the eighty pounds I probably packed on because of it. Also? American Idol auditions - just laughed a lot at some of those crazies.

    I've only had Funfetti a few times because if I had it any more often I wouldn't be able to stop.

    Love the dress on you!

  9. Loving that dress and the funfetti cake. What keeps me happy right now? Yoga. Wine. Delicious food, especially if I cook it myself. Writing. Having a goal. Love you!

  10. i feel like this is the gist of all of my comments on your blog, but i lust after everything you wear! that awesome pattern and bright colors=just what i want right now.
    esp. like it with the sweater.
    congrats on grad school stuff!

  11. You look cute!! The floral dress is amazing :) And i wanna have a bite of that delicious cake ;)
    I need your help badly!! Could you please vote for my outfit here: http://bit.ly/4wLwyk
    Click the link and and you can vote for me at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email address and the verification code! It just takes 2 seconds of your time and you can do me a big favor!!

    Thanks a million times!!!

  12. What a fun, vibrant print!

  13. I love the inspiration for this post. :) And btw - an english bulldog is on my list too. I want one sooo badly and I want to name him Mooshoo Pork.

    Things making me happy these days....knowing my cast is coming off soon, birthday is coming up, trip to Miami and good weather. It's the little things in life that get me through the day.

  14. I love the print! Good luck with grad school stuff!

  15. Love the all the colors!

    School (work) ending in 4 months is keeping me happy :)

  16. Why must you keep posting pictures of such yummy looking food, hehe!

    And the dress is adorable! I'm pretty sure I had one like it as a child too.

  17. OMG! This is one of my most favorite dresses of yours! It is so vibrant and beautiful. I love how you added the boots to it too- very cute.

    OOh and you are totally making me want some funnel cake- it looks so yummy!! :)

    Much love,


  18. I do not think your dress looks at all "kiddy/childish." I actually thought you got it from some brand line's spring collection. :D I adore the colorfulness of it! :)

    What's keeping me happy these days? The fact that I get another new day to experience life. :) Have a lovely week dear!

  19. OH! Any article of clothing that has any similarities to the heaven that is funfetti cake HAS to good! This dress is so fun. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person who wants to wear bright colors when the weather gets bad :]

  20. It is it funny when you start wearing stuff you worn younger due to fashion come back; It's make me feel old every time! The dress is lovely on you and the color are perfect for spring!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  21. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Cheers to career transitions! At least we are all in it together ;)

    I love this dress! The floral print is amazing, and I love the simple pairing with the black cardigan/bolero, so pretty!

  22. You look FABULOUS! I totally love that dress on you. And the slight flare at the bottom! Also, that cake looks SOOO good. I am on a diet too! You tempter! ;)

    And what is making me happy right now is that I am getting less and less scared of having kids and more and more ready.


  23. ahhh so many lovely dresses and cute cardigans.
    amazing style! following your blog, right NOW! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  24. I love how you fight winter with the brights. Might as well, because it's not over yet.
    Is it bad that I'm finding some happiness in organizing my closet? It was such a hot mess and now I feel more peaceful without all the clutter around.

  25. that dress is amazing! you look so lovely, Joann. the colors are so refreshing. and the food made me hungry!


  26. i love this outfit, gorgeous colors!!

  27. such a pretty dress!

    & remember when i asked your opinion/definition of love was? it has been selected to be part of Fringe Indie Magazine - check out my new post for more info :)

  28. Love the happy colorful flowers in your dress and the way you paired them against maroon and the brown of your boots!

    And mmmmm...Funfetti...that looks delicious. I must go out and bake something unhealthy now.


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