Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Paint splatters, or: Dress #2

(Sprinkle wanted some camera time today)
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft, fall 2009, $5;
Sweater: Mossimo, Target, fall 2009, $30;
Boots: Kady in cognac, Target, fall 2009, $30;
Tights: Ann Klein, Marshall's, fall 2009, $7/two-pack;
Trenchcoat: Banana Republic, fall 2009, gift;
Poncho, worn as shawl: Burlington Coat Factory, spring 2005, don't remember price.
How I've worn the dress: here, here.
How I've worn the poncho: here, here.

 Sorry these photos are up later than usual. I had some issues with uploading and it took almost an hour longer than it should have.
About this outfit: the dress was a fall final sale piece that I score for $5. The abstract brushstroke print reminded me of the YSL Splatter Paint dress Demi Moore wore a few seasons ago, and I liked the color palette on the one I bought. The trench was a lovely early Christmas gift from my mom. The poncho, which I seem to keep wearing as a scarf, is what I used as a shawl for my high school senior prom.

It's day two of The Dress Project, and I've been pretty excited about keeping this momentum up and trying to figure out how to style the rest of what I have. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and kind words about the project -- I'm glad many of you are interested!

I have noticed from a few comments saying that 45 seemed like large amount and felt like I should elaborate a bit on how I reached that number. Buying dresses for me has become a bit of an obsession the last few years -- it seemed easy to buy one piece that could encompass a whole outfit, and they are the one theme that take up my closet. But what I have in dresses, I lack in other areas, particularly blouses and sweaters, which is why you'll probably see a lot of those repeated during the project. I've realized many of the dresses that I have come from many of the same stores or brands, and I think very soon I'm going to do an inventory list of what's in my closet that I'll post here so I can better understand what places trigger my spending habits. Plus, as my fellow blogger Fashion Therapist has mentioned recently, we all seem to have some voyeurism when it comes to seeing what's in others' closets.
I've asked this question before, but I'm curious: what could be considered your shopping obsession  -- is it a store or a particular item of clothing?

Olympics women's figure skating is on tonight -- I've been waiting for this! Hope you all have a wonderful night!

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  1. i LOVE this dress on you! the pattern is amazing.
    and friend, i don't even want to know how many dresses i have!! it's a problem...

  2. One of my best friends has this dress---you both look great in it! Looks so nice with the trench and scarf.

  3. i love the print on this dress and mixed with the brown boots = perfection!


  4. What? These are crazy great deals you got on these pieces! The dress is beautiful, and I love the other layers you've got on with it. Sounds like a fun project—looking forward to the rest!

  5. I love how the wall mimics the texture of the dress! I'm really excited about this project of yours. I don't think 45 is excessive, not if you've been collecting for years. It also depends, too, on what else you have. Maybe you're just a dress person who doesn't have many pants or skirts.

  6. Cute print! I like how it works with a black sweater AND a khaki trench!

  7. Love this dress! I wish I had 45 to play with.. we should swap, I have about 50 skirts and the same amount of cardigans!

  8. I wish I had more dresses! And yes, I'll admit to being excited to watch the parade emerge from your closet and onto the blog :o)

    I seem to have a lot of jeans ... and accessories. I shudder to think of having to go through all those necklaces some day. Eek.

    Bird on Your Shirt

  9. LOVE this dress. And I'm a big fan of pairing black with cognac boots.

  10. I STILL want those boots. LOL I haven't found them on Ebay yet, sadly... I'm on the hunt for them, though. Even though I'm on a shopping ban. LOL

    and I have a top in a similar print from LOFT- how cute is that dress on you?

    I can't wait to see the rest of your dresses. as for an obsession- I don't have a single one- but I have a tendency to find a trend I like and overdo it. LIke scarves were really in in 2009 so I bought a TON of them. LOL

  11. That is a delicious pattern, indeed. And don't let anyone make you feel badly about your dress collection, lady. People love to judge, but everyone has a shopping weakness - mine's shoes for sure!

  12. gorgeous, simple, chic
    love it
    love your blog, keep it up!
    thanks for sharing as always


  13. I love the trench with this - and boy have you gotten some great deals on these dresses (and accessories).

  14. I looove the colors and pattern of this dress. It goes beautifully with that light blue scarf!



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