Friday, February 19, 2010

And I'm bound to keep on riding

Listening to: "Midnight Rider," The Allman Brothers.
Dress: Sangria, from Sym's, NYC;
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft;
Boots: Kady cognac, Target;
Tights: Target;
Necklace: Caiem, lovely giveaway gift from Lizzy Punch.
How I've worn the dress: here.
How I've worn the sweater: here, here, here, here.

Thank you for all of your support on my last two posts. I read every comment and responded to most of them (on the post). With my dad entry, it felt really refreshing to talk about something I'm not open about with many people, and reading your kind words and thoughts was very humbling and encouraging. Thank you.

  As for the blog adjustments post -- I think change will be good. I've been thinking a lot about a quote from Mad Men in which Don Draper says, "My life moves in one direction -- forward," and I think that's how I'll continue to think about this blog.  As I alluded to previously, I've got a couple projects I'm excited about that will come up in the next month or so, and this weekend I will be changing the layout a bit with the blog. So thank you for hanging in there with me. :) Of course, I'll give updates on Nikki's goings-on as they come.

 Okay, about this outfit. I've already worn this exact outfit before, but these photos were taken after Jeremiah and I went to visit his grandfather, so I wanted to feel good in an outfit that I knew worked for me. The weather was so nice today -- 60 degrees -- that I didn't need a coat. 

Hooray for beautiful weather and the weekend! Have a great one.

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  1. I love this outfit -- especially the dress!

    Thanks for your comment! You should totally do a makeup post!

    Thanks to blogs like yours, I'm going out of my comfort zone and shopping with a different mindset and it's working. Feeling less 'mommy' in style. LOL.

    Have a great weekend!!


  2. hooray for happy jumping pictures! <3

  3. So cute! I think you've mastered your signature look, you just switch out the pattern of the dress or cardigan, but it still looks so JoAnn! Love it all, especially the necklace ;)

  4. So glad you are going to continue! Can't wait to see the changes! :)

  5. This outfit is so cute and you are so adorable. I'm glad that you're continuing too. Thank you also for being so supportive and not only maintaining your own sweet blog but also leaving so many wonderful comments out there in the blogosphere.

  6. You look beautiful! I love the cardi!

    My father passed away from a sudden heart attack 11 years ago this month. February has been a hard month for me since then. You're right, though, the most important thing is that dash, and to live life to its fullest. I'm glad that grief was an agent of positive change for you.

  7. I love the jumping photo! You are just so adorable.

  8. Love this outfit - the dress, the sweater, the boots. It all works together wonderfully. I'm especially a sucker for cognac boots.

  9. cute photos! love the print

  10. the weather has seriously been A-MAZING! love these photos - you look beautiful!

  11. aww what a great combination of pieces! i really really love this look and everything works together so well :) can't wait to see your new layout and other changes.

  12. Cute dress! It looks so pretty with white tights and brown boots!

  13. thanks for the birthday wishes! that's really sweet =D
    love the ruffled sweater! the pleats are gorgeous <33

  14. you have cute style..
    and cute smile :)

    feel free to visit.comment.and follow.

  15. love the ruffle/layers on that cardigan, :)


  16. change is good. You're both heading in good direction.

    i love your cardigan, love the layered details. Ans you are ever so cute.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  17. You are such a cutie! Seriously. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    xx Love & Aloha

  18. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love your outfit--that sweater is really pretty!!

  19. here is the link i used to help me with my fonts:

    took me about 20-30 minutes but it's pretty easy overall. the toughest part is just deciding on a font haha!

  20. Absolutely love this dress! The print is so cute!

  21. you go girl! take this blog to new heights! (wait, did i just say "you go, girl"? anyway...)
    i love this outfit--totally my kind of look. the details in that sweater and the print together are just lovely!


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