Friday, January 8, 2010

Where the penguins roam


Coat: Fabio, from Sam's Club;
Messenger bag: H&M;
Sweater, dress: Anne Taylor Loft;
White tights: Target, gift from Nikki;
Black socks: Marshall's;
Boots: Target;
Earrings: from Costa Rica (gift from Liz).

It snowed yesterday afternoon and the 1/6 inch we got is still on the ground. Usually snow doesn't stick around very long in Georgia. Our lake in our neighborhood has a thick layer of ice encasing it. Ducks walked across the frozen waters and there were human footprints tracked across the lake -- which freaked me out a bit because the ice doesn't look thick enough to support a human.

I'm not an expert in dressing for winter, mainly because Southern winters are very mild. Even though I should have bundled up and dressed practically, the thought of seeing a serene wonderland made me reach for the more romantic, girly things in my closet. Winter is fun sometimes, but I'd like to get back to wearing my sundresses and shorts and everything else that's wonderful to wear in warmer temperatures, and I secretly think if I keep wearing impractical skirts and dresses, Mother Nature will take notice and bring an early spring.
The ones who seem to be enjoying the weather are the penguins who reside in my house. Jeremiah and I are fond of all things penguin, and have amassed a little collection of stuffed animals and other knickknacks during the course of our relationship. When you tell one family member you love penguins (or pingus as we call them), everyone else takes notice and the theme persists for every gift-giving occasion. I'll really have to round every penguin up and take a photo one day. We decided to let two come out and enjoy the icy outdoors.

Are you enjoying snow wherever you are? Did you get a day off from work or school?
Hope you all enjoy the weekend!


  1. awwww, the penguins are soooo cute! you look lovely. =)


  2. Aw, Jo! You look so chilly in that first photo. I'm loving the dress and sweater. You're making me want to resurrect white tights from the depths of my 8-year-old self's fashion mistakes. I ended up working from home today since the hills in my neighborhood were too icy to drive on. Stay warm!

  3. I almost bought that cardigan!! I love love love it!!

  4. Adorable outfit and I'm loving that sweater. You seem perfectly dressed for the winter weather.

  5. Love the different textures from the sweater and the dress! It looks like a winter wonderland! I wish it snow here just once.

  6. Beautiful dress, especially the coat!

  7. Love the dress with the sweater!

    Miles and I call our cat, Lewis, a penguin. He even does a penguin dance.

  8. cute cardigan, the little penguins are so sweet!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxx

  9. you look so adorable in that first picture with your pink cheeks :) this outfit is fantastic, especially with the ruffles on your dress peeking out from under your cardigan. and those are some awesome penguins haha

  10. Very cute! I love your red coat.
    We have no snow where I am. It's summer!
    Though I am slightly jealous of all the pretty snow pictures.

  11. oh you look so chilly and cute! your red coat is beautiful! I wear a lot of dresses and skirts throughout the year and during the winter I always double up my tights for extra warmth, it doesn't add much bulk and the extra layer blocks out the wind. Stay warm!

  12. I am not enjoying the snow where I am. Its suuuper sucky and cold lol...on top of that I am sick. I really love your coat :)

  13. How adorable! I love the Brown boots paired with the red coat....what a great combo!

  14. you know, after you left a comment on my post i realized that i've clicked to your blog before (i guess through shannon's?) but never put two and two together that it was yours! so awesome.

    i love the dress! allllmost put it on my christmas list but since i have way too many dresses already i left it off.

    i have a hard time dressing for winter, too. we really only have a couple of months of "hardcore" winter (but let's be honest, there is usually nothing hardcore about it). for work i've been doing a lot of dress/skirt + tights/leggings + thick socks + boots. cozy.

  15. Lovely dress and cardigans! Cute little story about the penguins!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  16. Oh wow, what a great cardigan!Especially loving how you paired it with the sweet dress.

    I find that layers are key for winter here in NY. Long-sleeved tees under sweaters keep it light but warm, as opposed to super bulky knits.

  17. that sweater looks great on you! i love the ruffles. you look great!


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