Monday, January 25, 2010

Ivory tower

Dress: French Connection, Bloomingdale's NYC;
Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft, gift;
Tights, boots: Target;
Bracelet: Aloha Stadium, Honolulu, HI.
*How I've worn this sweater-boot combo before: here, here, here.

I've been super productive the last couple of days and I'm trying to keep the momentum. I think dressing up is helping!
From your feedback on my last entry, it seems like dresses dominate most of your closets. Your comments motivated me to take a look at some of the lesser-worn dresses in my wardrobe and try to reinvigorate my daily wears with them. This is one of my Most Favorite Dresses, partly because of sentimental value. I bought it on a weekend walk through Bloomingdale's back in NYC almost two years ago. I tried it on and bought it because of its intricate lace design and girly-frothiness, even though it didn't pass the "where will I wear this?" test. And lingered in my closet for a year, until I realized the perfect use for it: the after-wedding dress, the one you wear in transition from reception to honeymoon.

I think because of this I'll probably never get rid of it and will try many ways to keep it going in my closet. To be honest, I wasn't really feeling this particular combination because a) I was rushing out the door this morning and didn't really think things through and b) the sweater's color against the dress's bridal white color is irking me. I think next time I'll play with a chunky necklace or a dark blazer to add some contrast. Oh well, it's a learning process, isn't it?
What's your go-to outfit for when you're rushing out the door?

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  1. This is so chic! Love everything together (and that you used it as your after-wedding dress!), and I think a chunky necklace would be a lot of fun. I've been trying to dig out lesser-worn dresses, too! My go-to is probably a green dress I have from Target...easy to pair with tights/boots/belts. (

  2. I love that dress; I always have! I love the combo you chose, as well - especially the cognac boots. I'm really digging wearing mine with black lately too. And my go-to outfit right now is a dress with a cardigan, belted at the waist, with tights. So basic but so comfy and still put-together! And we asked the same question on our blogs tonight! :D Hope all is well.

  3. I love white dresses - that one is so pretty.

    My go-to outfit is embarrassing - t-shirt and jeans with a cardigan and boat shoes!

  4. It's this kind of dress that makes me wish I'd changed after my reception (I contemplated wearing my leopard print dress... now that would have been daring, no?).

    My go to is currently weather appropriate top and jeans, but I'm not an office girl so it can be that simple! And casual.

  5. That french connection dress just made me so happy! you work it so well! Very cute!

    check out my blog!

  6. i actually like the colors of the sweater and dress next to eachother... very ladylike and prim, which you mix up on the bottom half.

    today was one of my embarrassingly boring throw-on-whatever days after waking up over an hour late. and i promise, my choice is not nearly as cute as yours!

  7. Super cute, I love that cardigan!

  8. I love this outfit! It is so feminine and pretty!

  9. I love the two neutrals together, the textures still make it interesting and pretty!

  10. I love your dress! and the fact you used it as your after-wedding dress inspires me to think of some cute dress to wear too.. :D hehehe (not that im getting married anytime soon..) i love how you paired it up with boots n a cardigan :) loove loove :D

    go-to-outfit would either be a tee n shorts n tons of jewelry or a dress :D

    love your blog my dear..following you :)

  11. That dress is totally incredible! I love the texture and how you layered the frilly sweater over it!

  12. totally an after wedding dress - it would be perfect! i can see you leaving your wedding reception and looking so chic and classy. darling picture!

    i saw a sweater like this very similar at j crew and almost bought it, but I restrained myself.

  13. love your white dress joann. It has a very intricate detail that adds more beauty to it's simple cut.

    have a great day

    I am Denise Katipunera

  14. Actually, I love the cream-on-white color combination! So fresh.

    My run-out-the-door outfit is my bohemian gypsy skirt and a fitted tee. Always makes me feel feminine but comfy!

  15. oh your cardigan is gorgeous! I love the textures and patterns of this outfit!

    sadly my go to outfit on a rush day is jeans, flats and a comfy top ;P


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