Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Of everybody I've ever known

Blue striped shirtdress: H&M, in NYC;
Slip dress: Thrifted;
Grey poncho, as scarf: Burlington Coat Factory;
Sweater: Kohl's, borrowed from Nikki;
White tights: Target, gift from Nikki;
Socks: Marshall's;
Moccasins: Minnetonka, gift.

Sorry for the short break from blogging -- I've been desperately sick from food poisoning the last couple days. The only things I've done include sleeping, drinking ginger ale and when I had a little energy, re-reading "Good Omens." Today was the first day I felt better and that I've actually dressed myself in normal going-out clothes, and Jeremiah treated me to Moe's for lunch.
 This outfit reminds me of the Chuck Palahniuk quote "Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known," because almost everything about it is tied to specific events and people in my life. I've had this dress for almost two years and it was one of my first purchases in NYC, back when I interned for a summer. It's not a dress I wear very often and it reminds me of rainstorms on Wall Street and eating ice cream near Gracie Mansion. The grey poncho was actually used as a shawl  for my senior prom (and yes, Jeremiah was my date). The belt is one that I bought when I worked at the Trading Post at Camp Rainey Mountain in 2003. The sweater and tights are from Nikki, and the moccasins were a gift from my grandmother. It's as if I didn't just dress myself, but decided to wear my personal history. I think clothing is fun like that -- whenever I go somewhere for a vacation, I want to bring back a piece of clothing, so that the memory of the place will always be put in use.
What about you --- do you have clothing pieces or accessories that are steeped in memories?


  1. what darling style you guys have!! i totally have a sweatshirt that always reminds me of a boy, and a shirt i'll never forget about the wild goose chase I went on to find it!

    -fresh brownies

  2. aw i love this outfit, it's so well put together (and i love the splash of color that belt adds).
    a lot of my clothes bring at connected to memories, some bad some good. i love how what you wear can remind you of the past. :)

  3. Oh - I've had food poisoning before and it REALLY is no fun. Hope you're feeling better and remember to drink a lot of electrolytes.

    I love how you paired the socks with your tights. Great outfit!

    Hope you're back to 100% soon.

  4. Cute outfit! It looks so perfect for the winter. So much better than just wearing a giant coat that covers everything up!

  5. That belt! I need it!


  6. I hope you feel better! Great outfit! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  7. feel better! i've been quite under the weather as well :(

    love your moccasins :)

  8. Love that belt!!

    Ugh, food poisoning? EEK! Look at me complaining about the sniffles and you had food poisoning. So sorry hun, but I am glad you are feeling better! Hope you are back to 100% in no time.


  9. aw thanks for wishing me luck on my wisdom teeth surgery. i'll definitely be eating tons of mashed potatoes and soup haha

  10. Hope you're feeling better! Food poisoning sucks. :(

    I would never have thought to put those socks over the tights - I probably would have just worn black tights. Great stuff, Jo. Every time I wear the dress I wore on my first date with Adam, it reminds me of that night. Ha ha. I know I have lots of pieces that have memories but that's the one that comes to mind first.

  11. Adorable ensemble. That scarf is gorg!


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