Thursday, January 7, 2010

Strength in my bones put the words in my head

Not having braces is the greatest. My teeth are smooth and no more food gets caught in my teeth.

Very Nice. It was great success.
My friends and I are very into Borat.  It's pretty random actually.

These jumping pictures were fun, and it was extra special because it started to snow! Snow is a big deal here in Georgia. It usually snows about once (maybe twice) a year and every now and then we miss school, even if its just a tiny bit.

what i wore: h&m shirt, american eagle tank top, forever21 cardigan, hand-me-down jeans, thrifted necklace 

taken by William Anderson
Upon talking to one of my friends, the question of travel popped up. We asked each other where we wanted to go the most and I thought and typed a long list, and then I stopped and simply said that I'd like to go everywhere and anywhere. I have a strong desire to travel, and I'd really like to take a big trip after my high school graduation. Soon after I realized I'll need a job to make this a reality. Currently, I'm busy job hunting, while trying to stay focused on school. So, I may not making many blog appearances as before, but I'm going to try whenever I have time :) but right now, I'm going to go bask in snow.


  1. Yay - congrats. You look fab!

  2. congrats on finally getting your braces off! and i love when you quoted borat, haha :)

    oh! and i'm loving the pop of color your necklaces adds.

  3. Yay for brace-removal! I never had them (and always wanted them! Ha!) but your teeth look lovely.

    I love your cardi! So feminine!

  4. Congrats on getting your braces off! You're so adorable. I'm loving that necklace, and enjoy your snow day! (I think Gwinnett has the day off, I know my sister does in Cobb County.) :D

  5. YAY for the snow!!!! congrats on getting your braces off!!

  6. Congrats! And your teeth are beautiful!

  7. haha, i love these photos! your outfit is adorable, and so is your smile! i remember the amazing feeling of getting my braces off back in the day.. it was so exciting. and i love that your photos capture that. ~joelle

  8. Woo!!!! You look awesome! What a gorgeous smile and gorgeous teeth!! :)

  9. its the candy necklace. :) lol. missed you today becasue of no school. :( oh well, i'll see you monday.

    very nice.

  10. congratulations on getting your braces off! you look so happy!


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