Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't want to wait for our lives to be over

I enjoy being young & silly, and I enjoy the company of others who appreciate it as well.
Tonight I was suppose to attend the screening of  Dear John, however there was a misprint on the passes and it was a postponed to February in Atlanta. Since Atlanta is quite aways, I don't think I'll be going, which is rather disappointing. But the company of dear friends made tonight memorable :)
I'm wearing plastic Harry Potter glasses :)
They're quite spiffy, don't you think so?
what i wore: Harry Potter glasses (Harry Potter event), Target shirt,cardigan & tights, thrifted Old Navy skirt, earrings- gift from JoAnn, Clare's LOVE bracelet

Picture of the Day:
  This is Cera the Triceratop. She's a rubber band, and I hear they're all the rage in Elementary School.


  1. I love being silly as well! These photos are adorable!

  2. haha i used to have one of those dinosaur rubber band things in elementary school. oh those days haha

  3. So cute! I love the colors of the tee and cardigan.

  4. that cardigan is DIVINE!!

    So pretty!!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment dearest, so sorry for the insanely late reply!

    Stay safe and chic darling,
    English Rose x

  5. this is such a great outfit, i love the bright colors and the patterns and such :)
    and how cute is that rubber band??

  6. Bummer about the screening, but on the bright side I hear you guys are having warmer weather and this is the perfect outfit for it.


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