Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shopping ban, part deux

Dress: Laundry by Shelli Segal;
Shirt: H&M;
Shoes: from Philippines, gift;
Bag: Thrifted.
Photos by me.

Here's what I wore on my day off Wednesday. It's been so oppressively hot that I would love to walk around in just underthings, but since society dictates clothing, I chose this instead. I think the outfit is more suited for spring weather because of the layering, but I like the color combination.

I've been having a tough time with wearing my dresses lately -- I feel like they're more fun to wear in winter/spring because they can be remixed and layered endlessly. In the summer, it's so hard to be creative with them when it's more than 100 degrees outside.
Because of this lack of creativity due to rising temperatures (and the buyer culture I work in), I've become a bit of a shopping glutton the last couple of weeks. It's hard not to fall into the persuasiveness of retail when working at a department store. All the phrases we sales associates tell customers ("You'll use it forever"/"It's a really good deal"/"It goes with everything") suddenly were working their charms on me. For the first six weeks of my job I was resolute and didn't buy anything; during the one-day sale, I bought some tights because they were only $2/pair. And pretty soon, the purchases climbed and got bigger in size: a clutch, dresses here, a sweater there. 
After realizing I have several items never been worn yet (which I'll have to spread out their debuts on the blog soon), I've decided I want to curb my spending habits by imposing a shopping ban on myself. I did one during The Dress Project which lasted almost two months. I think I'm just going to do this one for a month as an experiment, and see how much remixing I can do with what I have. One month of no clothing/accessories shopping. 
I think I can do it again. Wish me luck?

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  1. I can never seem to mix patterns properly. You pulled it off so well. I love the shirt. :)

  2. I love your style and love reading you so much! I was actually thinking about doing some sort of shopping ban/challenge/theme thing in August and I was wondering if you'd like to host it with me! If you're going to do one in July, I understand, but it's just a request/suggestion. :)

    <3 kp

    Don't forget to enter my Raindrop Earrings giveaway!

  3. You can definitely do it! Just pretend you're dressing up the display mannequins :)

  4. Good luck, lady, you can totally do it.

    And I know just what you mean about dresses. Perfect for summer weather, but a challenge to mix up!

  5. I love the pattern mixing in this outfit! The colors are great on you, too.

    I've been on a self-imposed shopping ban for MONTHS - mainly because we're just plain broke! I'm sure you can do it.

    It really can be horribly frustrating trying to breathe new life into dresses during the summer when it's too hot to layer, but your outfits have still all been inspiring and flattering. You're doing great!

  6. Good luck on the ban :) Some times its nice that I'm not much of a shopper because when I really want something I don't mind buying it!

  7. I agree. in the summer, it's really hard to remix something when it's ridiculously hot out.

    and I hear ya on the shopping! LOL I'm out of control!

  8. this look is fantastic! i would've never thought of mixing the two patterns but you do so beautifully :)

  9. I like the color combination too! The green with the blue print is fabulous together.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  10. Good luck with the shopping ban! I'm never good with those things, so I can be strong-willed vicariously through you.

    ADORE those shoes.

  11. Hey, I'm on a July shopping ban too :) I feel slightly better that I'm not doing it 'alone' now. 9 days in and no clothing has been bought, I'm doing well. How about you?

  12. I'm constantly posing shopping bans on myself and typically cave halfway through. It doesn't help that I work for an independent boutique and my boss is willing to carry lines that I love that no one else has. Sigh. Good luck, girl!

  13. Love the pattern mixing here, and the colors are great!


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