Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fresh start

Dress and belt: LOFT;
Sweater: Faded Glory;
Shoes and necklace: gifts,
from Philippines.
How I've worn the dress: here.

Sorry I've been so MIA the last few days -- things have gotten so busy over here, and I've been trying to keep ahead of it all.

I do have some news, and the biggest part of it is this: Jeremiah and I are planning to move back to Athens at the beginning of August. He's been accepted into a master's program in statistics up there, so we've decided that instead of us living in between Athens and Atlanta, we'd much rather move back to Athens for the time being.
Which means that the last couple of weeks have been busy: we've been tying up loose ends with work and looking for a new apartment. We signed for one yesterday and it's going to be bigger than the one we have now, so we'll have lots of opportunities to spread out and decorate more. You have no idea how excited I am to have an office, and extra closets for my thrifting finds...

I'm excited too, although what it means for me is a little more vague. I'm not sure if I'm going to continue working my retail job (the opportunity to transfer exists, though), but I might for the first couple of months as we get settled, and continue my job search up there. It's been a little overwhelming the last couple of weeks, but mostly I am really excited for a new start.

Anyways, the next couple of weeks will mean wrapping things up in our town, and doing things we never got around to doing while we've been here, like eating at certain restaurants and the like. I'll be sure to document some of it. I've gotten so attached to the farm park, so it'll be hard to not take my pictures there everyday, but I've been scoping out new places in Athens, which I think will be fun.

Since it's my day off, I'll be catching up on my blogroll. I've really missed you all!
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  1. Good luck with the move - hope it all goes ok for you!

    Vute dress ..I like the detailing with the ruffles at the front!!

    Sal xXx

  2. Congrats to Jeremiah on getting into school, and good luck for you both in this new transition!! :)

  3. ooo, a new adventure! Congrats to Jeremiah on his acceptance, and I'm sure you both will make the most of shaking things up a little bit!

    I'm still in love with those flats - super adorable!

  4. Congrats on the move, and good luck with everything!

    (I know I should know this - how far is Athens from ATL?)

  5. How exciting! It seems like moving will be a good way to shake things up, lady. I hope so, anyway!

  6. Ah, I so hear you on the move! Congrats to Jeremiah! And I of course support your own hometown bucket list :)

  7. Congrats to your hubby. :) A fresh start is an exciting thing. I wish you two all the best. I'm lovin' these photos, especially the first one! So cuuuute! and I'm smitten with that porch swing in the background. I always wanted one of those! Hope you are doing great JoAnn. Hugs!

    xx Love & Aloha
    **I have a little giveaway going on, swing by to enter! :)

  8. How exciting!! Congrats to Jeremiah! Looks like everything is changing for a lot of us! :) Happy times.

  9. You guys are going to have so much fun on your new journey! If you have time before you leave we should get together for lunch.

  10. Oooo, good luck w/ the move! Love that necklace :)

  11. Good luck on the move JoAnn (and have lots of fun during your last weeks in Atlanta)!

  12. Cute outfit! Simple and lovely.

    - Patricia

  13. Congrats on the move! That's so exciting!

    And I love the look here. So lovely! You look awesome in red!

  14. Moving sounds so exciting! John and I visited Athens last year for a concert (we were vacationing in Asheville before the show). I fell in love with the town. It's actually exactly like State College, only in Georgia :)

  15. i'm so glad you're moving because it means you'll be close to meeeeeee!!! i am selfish and owning it. i need some bloggers closer to me :)

  16. As you can see, I'm really behind on my blogroll too, because I just read this today.

    Congrats on Jeremiah getting into school AND on the bigger (hopefully better?) apartment!


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