Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birds and bees

Dress: Arpeja, thrifted;
Belt: LOFT;
Shoes: gift, from Philippines.
How I've worn the dress: here.
Photos by Jeremiah.

As Jeremiah and I plan to move in a couple weeks, we're already hitting up places and events that we've wanted to do but never got around to while we've lived in Gwinnett. During my day off Tuesday, we ate an Indian buffet near our neighborhood. I had never really eaten a lot of Indian before (except a couple dishes years ago) but I thought it was so good. I love spicy food (Thai food is my favorite) so this is something I'm going to have to eat more often.

Anyways, about my outfit. The heat is making me feel very uncreative, and so I've been reverting to my old favorites. I wore this outfit verbatim (except for the shoes) back in April, and since it is such a beautiful floral dress, I decided to repeat it. The weather has been ridiculous the last few days, and when we went to the park, the birds and the bees were going crazy. There were a lot of them, and they were flying around erratically -- it was very Hitchcockian. So we had to move from our usual field spot into the apple tree grove. We've never taken photos there, but I think it turned out well.

We won trivia a couple weeks it'll be our last time going for awhile because of the move. That place is like our "Central Perk" or "Cheers" so it's going to be hard not to go every week.
Speaking of the move, I finally have to tell my work today about getting transferred -- wish me luck!

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PS I've entered Atlanta Magazine's Head to Toe Contest, and featured some of my looks there. If you get a chance, please vote for me!


  1. such a nice dress you have there!
    you look very pretty in it!

  2. that first picture of you in the orchard is stunning! Very romantic and dreamy.

    A few years ago, a good group of friends and I had a Thursday night kickball team, and then after every game, we'd go to a local bar that sponsored a Game Show night. We won bar tab after bar tab and I really enjoyed having a place to go every week and play trivia and other games. Sadly friends moved away and we don't go any more. But, we'll always have the memories of our glory days! :o)

  3. This is my favorite dress that you have worn so far! The colors look gorgeous on you<3

    Come enter my giveaway with Brooklyn Thread!
    XO Lynzy

  4. That dress is perfect just as you've worn it - why not repeat perfection?

  5. love your blog!! & i love that dress on you! those colors are amazing!!! xoxo

  6. You look great in these photos. Super happy.

  7. I voted!
    Thanks for the "get well wishes" it means a lot that in this little blogging world we can make real connections, it meant a lot JoAnn :)
    I love this spot and your dress, expect I would be totally spooked by birds going crazy, eek phobia!

  8. This dress is so beautiful! And love the scenery as well.

  9. This dress is SO cute, love the colors!

  10. i think this dress is always so pretty on you and you look so HAPPY in these photos--you're glowing!

  11. You look so pretty in this floral dress! I love it

  12. That dress is so cute and summery! Plus I love the No Picking sign!!!

  13. You look amazing in this bright print! And I hope your transition goes smoothly. I think Athens will result in some beautiful new backdrops for you to play with.

  14. These are some of my favorite pictures of yours (and I always admire your photos). You look so serene and happy, and that dress is so lovely. I love its bright colors and breezy print.

  15. Love the photo of you walking down the row of trees. This dress looks fantastic on you!


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