Friday, July 9, 2010

Elegy for Cecilia Tallis' wardrobe

Dress: Giorgio Kauten, thrifted;
Shoes: Tayla platforms, Target;
Bracelet: gift.

Thanks for the shopping ban support, everyone -- it does mean a lot to me. 

Here's the dress that prompted the ban. It wasn't that it cost very much -- in fact, I thrifted it. But I did feel a little guilty after the purchase because I realized I was going for, yet again, another floral little summer dress, and I have about 5,000 of those already. 
I've thought long and hard about the psychological factors of why I seem to go for these kinds of wispy dresses, and I think I finally know the root of it, or at least, one of the major influences. I've fallen really hard in the last couple of years for vintage pieces, and it's because of the movie "Atonement." The last year of purchases have helped fuel this Cecilia Tallis Syndrome I seem to have, in which I try to fulfill this fantasy of wearing what Keira Knightley wore in "Atonement." Subtle florals, green, floaty fabrics -- it's all there in this dress. (And now that I think about, these outfits seem to evoke that film too - I, II, III, IV
I wish I was kidding, and I know it seems incredibly silly, to blame purchases on a 2007 film and to idolize the wardrobe of a fictional character. But I guess it isn't too dissimilar from, say, wanting to live like the images in an Anthro or J. Crew catalog. It's all about succumbing to a fantasy which becomes less elusive with the more you search and spend. I think I've finally stared my own wardrobe fantasy down long enough to halt the increasing dress collection. I guess I'm atoning for my spending (see what I did there? Harhar).

Okay, I hope this wardrobe musing didn't sound too crazy. Do you find outfit inspiration from the arts -- movies, paintings, music videos, book illustrations, etc. -- and do they ever influence your spending purchases?

Happy Friday,

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  1. I'm pretty good at restraining myself.
    but this sounds like all the girls that went crazy over Zoey Deschanel.
    We have to be inspired yet stay true to our own wants and personality and budget!

  2. I love Atonement and everything Cecilia wears! Your blue dress is definitely Cecilia.

  3. Not sill at all! Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, and some lingers long. The dress is gorgeous, and I bet it'll be even more meaningful since it prompted the ban

  4. I am on a shopping ban too. You have my support dear. :)

    Pretty blue color. Love the dress. Its perfect for this unbearable heat!

  5. The blue color is beautiful on you.

  6. I'm also guilty of this... most of the time it is subconsciously, though, I think you know, my first recollection of doing this was after Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

    Take comfort in the fact that your inspiration is from a much more artistic place than mine :)

  7. I understand your thoughts completely (and they're far from silly, I think). I try hard to keep my reality in mind when shopping, but often the fantasy of what could be shouts louder. You said it better than I could.

    But I love this dress - it's very pretty and has a lovely print, so I imagine you'll love it for a long time. And my hat is off to you for another ban. I believe you can certainly do it!

  8. atonement was such a beautiful film and the fashion was beautiful as well. i don't blame you for being inspired by it! :)

  9. Good luck on your ban! Just had to say that my younger sister got the infamous green dress from the movie for her senior prom (whatever near-identical version of it that was sold at a reasonable price) and it was GORGEOUS...amazing fashion in that movie :)

  10. Good luck on your ban! Just had to say that my younger sister got the infamous green dress from Atonement for her senior prom (whatever near-identical version of it that was sold at a reasonable price) and it was GORGEOUS...amazing fashion in that movie :)

  11. I shop because it does fill a little hole in my heart (terrible I know...) and because I think of the crazy ways I can wear it.
    You'll do excellent on the ban. Way to be strong!

  12. LOL! I know what you feel joann. but it's too pretty to pass. I also had a shopping ban that was prompted by a recent purchase of fedora at one of the hat boutiques in soho (and you know how overpriced everything is in there). the saleslady really got me. even if i had 3 fedoras at home! so i was like "i need shopping ban!" unfortunately, the ban ended right after i said it. lol


    PS: Just posted an NYC Dating survival kit... but I guess it applies everywhere. :) tell us what you think?

  13. I haven't seen the movie but I've seen screen shots and, yes, her wardrobe is covetous!

    I think this dress looks perfect for summer.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  14. Ahhh... you look like Summer.

    <3 kp

    Don't forget to enter my Ruffled Tank giveaway!

  15. well this dress was a nice last hurrah before a ban, because it's so beautiful! i love that soft sea green color.

    and there's no shame in dressing a certain way because of a movie! i have 'the virgin suicides' and 'picnic at hanging rock' in my mind when i get dressed almost every day. and i always remember the green dress from atonement.. if i ever get married i want something just like that! ~joelle


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