Monday, July 19, 2010

Spoils of the ban

Dress: Donna Ricco, vintage, thrifted;
Sandals: Tayla platforms, Target;
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft.
Photos by me.

I'll admit, I cheated and broke the ban last week. I bought this vintage dress and an Anthro skirt (my first ever item from the store) at the Salvation Army. I felt bad at first for not holding myself more accountable, for breaking willpower and spending money when I was not supposed to.

And then I came to this realization: I'll be moving in a couple of weeks, away from this town of thrift stores that are full of hidden and often-reasonably priced vintage pieces, to Athens, which has vintage stores, but they are often picked over and can be overpriced. 
So my question is this: do I discontinue the ban while I am still here, and pick up some items while I still can; or do I remain resolute with my goal while I move and just begin my (occasional) thrifting in Athens? Decisions, decisions.

I'll tell you what I love about this dress, though: it's season-less. It works well here in the midst of summer heat, but I can imagine it being layered with tights, boots and a sweater for the colder months. I like the dark colors, and I've noticed before that I seem to gravitate to combinations of red, white and blue.

What's been really drawing me into thrifting lately is that I am a sucker for the perfect fit. Whenever I try things on and they fit perfectly and have the right proportions, I feel the absolute need to have the item, even if its doppelganger already exists in my closet. I've been really lucky in being able to find a lot of these items recently. Maybe it's an urge I need to quell a bit, but I think I've finally come to terms with the way my body is shaped, and am comfortable in knowing how to finally style it.

Anyways, these are probably some of my favorite images on the blog. I went in the morning on Friday before work to take these after running errands, and I like how different the lighting was on that day.

I apologize for the lack of posting around here. I'm in the throes of transition: moving, tying up loose ends at work and hanging out with friends. I should have some free time coming up soon before the move so I'll be able to post more and comment more frequently on your blogs.

Love, and happy Monday,

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  1. I agree, this is a great dress and fits you really well.

    I think it is difficult enough to find a great fit on something when buying retail, so I think to do it while thrifting may make it a "meant to be" moment.

    I think you've got so much going on with your move right now that you should be able to treat yourself every now and again with a thrift find.

    Hope things are going well!

  2. This is a great dress on you. I'm not on a shopping ban, but felt guilty the other day for buying a pair of sunglasses at the Nordies Anniversary Sale. So guilty that I think I'm returning them today.

    At least this dress looks great on you and fits like a glove otherwise, like me, you'd be second guessing your purchase.

  3. Only you can decide if you want to temporarily lift the ban, lady. But my advice? Don't shop or try on if you're trying not to buy. I have to cease looking at CATALOGS even if I want to keep myself from purchasing!

    That said, the dress is marvelous. I'm glad you sprung for it.

  4. I'm on a shopping ban, too. But if you find something special, especially at a thrift shop, I would encourage you to buy it. It's extremely rare to find the same things on a following trip. Staying away from the mall is easy-- stores always restock!

  5. I would say that if you don't go out purposely to buy something whilst your still there, but if something spots your eye, and it fits perfectly then it is ok to get it and continue your ban when you move?

    Sal xXx

    Ps, Pretty dress!

  6. After you move, will you regret having kept to the ban? Will you wonder what great finds you might have scored?

    For me personally, since it's a self-imposed ban, I'd lift it for now. But that's just me. If you're in an okay financial place and no bills will suffer, I say treat yourself while you still can.

    And please don't apologize for being busy while you're trying to move! Just take care of yourself and the things you need to do. :)

  7. if it were me, i would definitely lift the ban and get what i could now :)

  8. are you moving for school? there are some great athens thrift stores! i'm loving the atl ones though!

  9. I love this dress on you - the fit is really fantastic. And these are amazing photos.

    Good luck with the move! I know they can be stressful, so hang in there!

  10. ooooh, a difficult decision! The dress is quite lovely. I agree, you will find many ways to wear it all year long (especially in the south!!) I have a hard time resisting the perfect fit either. it seems elusive, and must be pounced upon when found... good luck with your move.

  11. I walked into a Banana Republic Store last night and guess what? I thought of you because BR is collaborating with Mad Men and they are having a MM-inspired fall collection!

  12. The dress is lovely on you! I say go for it while you still can. I lifted my own summer restrictions while we were in Italy, but I only allowed myself to purchase certain items and within a certain price range.

    Good luck with the move! We came back and started to pack up for ours and I'm feeling pretty damn overwhelmed at the moment.

  13. I would have broken the ban too if I saw that cute!!



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