Friday, July 16, 2010

"Mad Men" links

[Image via Vanity Fair]

Most of my in-real-life friends know about my little obsession with "Mad Men." I ask everyone I know if they watch so I can have conversations about it all the time. I read Television Without Pity's forums for hours, and yeah, I follow the characters on twitter in case some spoilers spill out.

So for those of you who are fans, I've compiled some of my favorite MM facts and fun, old and new, here. It's enough to while away an afternoon and get ready for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce (!):

- Check out this cast and crew rendition of "Bye Bye Birdie." Seeing January Jones and Jon Hamm goof off together is totally worth it.
- Tom and Lorenzo have analyzed the outfits of our favorite leading ladies of the show. They've been able to pick out character trend and moods just from what they wear. This is totally worth all your time.
- Did you know that Roger and Mona Sterling are married in real life? That rocks my world.
- Roger Sterling's best one-liners.
- Don Draper's guide to women, via SNL. Classic.
- Jezebel's 15 feminist moments from "Mad Men." Love Bobbie Barrett's advice to Peggy on being a woman. 
- Feministing does a retrospective of Season Three.
- There will be "Mad Men" dolls. Looks like I need to get my Scarlett O'Hara doll a new friend in the form of Don Draper...
- This Season 3 promo is still seductive just by itself. Love the music they used for it.
- Bruce Handy of "Vanity Fair" did an amazing article on the show last year. Also check out the Q&As with January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser, Jon Hamm, John Slattery and the costume designer Janie Bryant.
- Collectors Weekly interview with Scott Buckwald, propmaster for the show. Learn more about some of the props, including some of the hard to find pieces, like the Sara Lee cake box from Season One.
- What would Joan Holloway do?
- And finally, I'm convinced this is the best scene from the entire series (the "Carousel" pitch, Season 1). It still makes me ache.


  1. I love Mad Men! My legs go to jelly for John Hamm. I've got a countdown on my computer for the season premiere!

  2. Oh my Mad Men! I'm mildly obsessed with this show as well. One of the most brilliant things to come on the boob tube in years.
    I could watch this and 30 Rock for the rest of my life and be pretty darn content. And when the worlds collided and Jon Hamm was on 30 Rock? Holy cow. That was amazing. Reading what the Jezzies have to say about each episode the next morning is also a major highlight.
    P.S. My Jezebel avatar is VargasVegetarian. I meant to tell you since I noticed you're a fellow Jezzie.

  3. Hi JoAnn,

    Did you get my e-mail? So funny you have Mad Men post today, what a coincidence!

    So, big news (for me!), I finally started my blog, hit published on my first post and currently doing my first ever comment! Cool, eh?

    Love to hear back from you soon!


  4. Thanks for sharing, I'm totally hooked on mad men...

  5. Mad Men makes me want to jump back in time and learn how to dress like an amazing vamp vintage pinup. I'd raid the wardrobes in a second!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  6. Mad Men that show is truly something; I really like their costumes :D


  7. Ah, I've never seen the show... but every photo I see of it looks so fabulous!

  8. Can't wait. And YES, the carousel scene is still my favorite of all time. That's when I officially fell in love with the show.


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