Monday, October 17, 2011

The second year in pictures

So here it is, the second anniversary of this little blog. I had a difficult time stringing together the right photos and words this time around, because it was a bit daunting, to sum up a year of intense personal change. In 12 short months, I applied for graduate school, got accepted, quit my job and began another with the university. And I've realized how wonderful and valuable this style community has been to me in the last couple years with its support and friendship. 

I've also gotten more involved with my photography, and have come to appreciate my little town more. It's a wonderful thing to find overlooked places and document them. And, as I've mentioned before about self-portrait photography, there's something rewarding about creating a work that's all your own.

Without more sap or ado, here are some of my favorite style photos of the past year. Thank you all for reading, and for being a part of this with me: 


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