Monday, October 24, 2011

Give me the splendid, silent sun

Dress: Sag Harbor, thrifted; Scarf: Burlington Coat Factory; 
Moccasins: Minnetonka; Belt: Loft; Hourglass necklace: gift from Sunira.

Wearing this dress felt like an act of defiance toward the weather and a last stab at keeping summer around. Since I'm not doing too much shopping these days, I've been trying to transition my summer pieces into colder  times. With its Hawaiian print, I think this may be the loudest summer item I own, but I think it can find new life with some dark tights and boots.

I spent a tiny part of the weekend at the park, watching the leaves change and documenting it with my camera. And I spent the majority of the weekend working on projects and papers for my research projects class. Fall break is just around the corner, and you can believe this girl is so excited to sleep in.

My hourglass necklace is a gift from my friend Sunira, and I adore it. Though I am powerless over the changing season or time moving forward, it does amuse me to play with the hourglass during class, and watch the sands pile neatly onto each other -- until I tip it over again ...

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