Monday, October 17, 2011

Chasing October

 Dress: Jennifer Moore, thrifted; Moccasins: Minnetonka, gift; 
Sweater: Loft; Saddle bag: thrifted. 
Pictures of me by my sister, Nikki. 

I had several things to celebrate this weekend. Midterms are finally, mercifully over, and I chose to commemorate my newfound free time in several ways: finishing up the first season of "Game of Thrones;" spending time with my sister who came to town for some thrift store shopping; visiting a fall festival with friends in the next county; and going on a day trip through the north Georgia mountains with Jeremiah to idly pass time and see the changing leaves. In other words, enjoy the very best bits of October without feeling guilty for skipping away from my books. 

These photos are from some downtown Athens time with my sister. I enjoy going to this particular wall because it's pretty secluded and easy to do some street snaps pretty quickly. We went to a few vintage stores together to look over accessories and Halloween costume ideas for her. I'm planning on going as Wonder Woman (again) -- I love my old costume's cape too much to keep repeating it every year. 

I also had one very big milestone this weekend: Sidewalk Chic's birthday. Yes, this blog is now a little more than two years old. I cannot believe how much this blog has changed and evolved in that amount of time, and how much I've really grown into photography and style since then. I've got a bigger post later today reflecting on the past year!

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