Friday, June 3, 2011

Social media got me -- let's be Facebook pals

After much personal debate, I've decided to create a Facebook page for the blog. You'll now be able to get as much Sidewalk Chic goodness in between your status updates! And I'll be posting lots of blog extras on there, including more photography, so check it out.

I know I've been against starting a Facebook page for the blog before due to privacy issues (read my first discussions on it here). But after the last few weeks of visiting with friends and family, I've realized I want to integrate more of my personal and public aspects of my life. And I guess I've realized that for me, there isn't as much to be wary of anymore now that more people from my personal life know about this little corner of the Web.

So, find me on Facebook, if you wish. And if you're a friend/family member/acquaintance wandering onto here for the first time -- hello, and welcome! Here is my super (not-so-secret) blogging life.

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